Friday , May 14 2021

The dollar and the stock market gave good news on the last day of operations before the G20 holiday

As a reflection of the small activity seen on the streets of the center of Buenos Aires, exchanges and stock exchanges showed slight increases in the wheel with several operations before the break this Friday by the G20 Summit leaders.

With a drop of 80 cents (-1.84%) compared to late Wednesday, the exchange rate closed at $ 38.80 for sale, still finding a margin to reach the floor of the non-intervention zone run by the Central Bank. The fall is the third consecutive day of losses in the currency after access to $ 40 on Monday triggered several alarms on the market.

The retail and wholesale market (which fell to $ 37.72) were affected by the discontinuation of banking activities on the market after 13 hours. The market of stock exchanges was closed with the increase of the panel Merval by 1.4% compared to yesterday.

For the next Monday, the ceiling of the non-intervention zone will be $ 46.72 while the floor will be at $ 36.10., after November in which the accumulated increase reached about 5 percent.

In the activity abolished on the stock market, the results were positive, with Merval's stock index rose 1.5%, reaching 31,593 units. At the same time, the Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (ByMA) leading stake reached 2.8% growth in the accumulated this week.

The shares of "Teneris" were highlighted, with a decrease of 4.4% after the publication of its chairman and CEO, Paolo Rocca, in the case of bribe notebooks K. The sovereign bonds of the Electronic Open Market (MAE), meanwhile, showed price stability throughout the day, closing only 0.2% down the month, from the hand of a a country with 703 basis points.

Another daily reference market variable, Letters of Likeness (Leliq), showed a decline in their annual rates, ranging from 61.198% of Wednesday's auction to 60.753%. Against the maturity of Leliqs this Thursday for $ 145,725,000, the monetary organization managed to absorb excess liquidity for about 43,420 million pesos.

In the United States, ADR had a good day with generalized increases. Only Telekom (-1.8) and Tenaris (-2.8) were in red. Among the increases were Pampa (+ 5.4%), Banco Galicia and Banco Frances (+ 4.8%) and Edenor (4%).

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