Sunday , April 18 2021

The decision that Juan Dartts could take Telma Fardine's legal appeal

In She drank in the afternoon They considered the next steps the actor would take, who currently lives in Brazil.

The decision that Juan Darts could take on Telma Fardin case

After that Telma Fardin has filed a rape complaint against Juan Dartes, the actor decided to move to Brazil with one of his two sons, while the justice of Nicaragua (where the actress accused the actor of having abused her when he was 16) continued to investigate the cause. But now, four months after his trip to the neighboring country, the defendant can return to Argentina.

So they fired it She drank in the afternoon: "We learned through Argentine justice that Dartes's topic is beginning to move in this country: the idea of ​​its lawyers, led by Fernando Burlando, will declare all those who witnessed the episode that condemned Fardin to justice, "the journalist said Carlos Monti.

Monti: "The idea of ​​the lawyers of Dartes, led by Dr. Fernando Burlando, is that all those who witnessed the episode convicted by Fardine in Nicaragua, before Argentine justice, will publish."

"What exists in Nicaragua is an appeal from the lawyer of Telma Fardin against Dartes, where she recounts an episode of rape, as she herself condemned the actress, "he added, giving more details about the cause.

It was then that Pablo Lysus He added more information: "This was Burlando's strategy, which was presented in Nicaragua and asked Darttus and witnesses to testify in Argentina."

Pablo Lausuus: "This was Burlando's strategy, which appeared in Nicaragua and demanded that Dartdes and witnesses in Argentina be declared as well."

"Justice from there gave them good because he says that it is Juan's right to defend himself in his own country, he is convicted in Nicaragua, but he has a domicile in Argentina," the panelist of the program America.

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