Saturday , July 31 2021

The day Dartet analyzed the bombers: "You must be a girl of legal age"

Veronica Lausanne is one of the women who make up Arritinas's collective team and from minute zero was a passionate defender of the cancellation of Telma Fardin against Juan Darts. To such a point that behavior constantly calls the actor a "violator" in his program without any mistakes.

However, two years ago, in January 2017, the actor and singer were invited to his program Corda from Lozano and they "made it through the couch" of the psychologist. Not only that, the back of the note consisted of analyzing his pants of followers and one of the first phrases of Lausanne and Dartes today became viral.

Veronica asks: "As the bearer of this pussy? He is 18, 17 … or better than his age" and the actor firmly confirms: "You must be an adult."

Immediately afterwards, other bombers begin to rain on it, and the note continues with the tone of grace, although now it is again circulating in light of the claim of abuse of a minor who weighs heavily on the actor.

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