Saturday , June 12 2021

The danger is the human papillomavirus

Dr. Miguel Angel Caceres, a gynecologist, oncology specialist, explained that with this type of cancer "The best thing to do is discover it on time, because it does not present any symptoms, and for this reason it is necessary for women to undergo tests of Papanicolou and Human Papilloma viruses."

He added that although the exam is not convenient, however, we must take into account the importance of the tests, because the average patient with this type of cancer in Panama is between 34 and 35 years old and it is a phase of a very productive woman, as an active mother, housewife, worker and therefore, these scenarios presented are very dramatic for society.

These two tests together, allow a lot of confidence to know who has risk factors in the possibility of developing this type of cancer and also to detect previous injuries, so that patients do not have this condition treated this way, can be 100 percent can be prevented.

Caceres suggested that there are usually two scenarios for women to begin Papanikolou exams; one is for women who have started sexual intercourse, and the other in those who have not started sex life. Women who were not, in any case need to be tested at the age of 21 and those who do, should practice Papanicolou two years after starting their relationship.

The danger is human papillomavirus because it has a prolonged incubation time of four to six years, and it is therefore recommended that after two years the patient will attend the doctor or gynecologist for early detection or for reasons of a preventive nature.

In Panama, due to the high incidence, it is recommended to carry out these two tests each year and depending on the results, for example, if they are negative, they can be done every two or three years. However, the best way is to educate patients because cervical cancer is not a genetic disease, it is not inherited, it is a process that starts with infection due to these viruses (about 160 different), but there are some reduced types that increase the risk and tests help to detect a potential virus on time.

The virus has no initial symptoms and its infection is silent, since the developmental process of four to six years is obviously prolonged and the disease does not cause a painful situation, with no fever or obvious early-onset disorders.

The specialist recommended in these early stages of development of these two tests, as explained, for women who do not present any type of symptomatology and that in the case of patients with spontaneous bleeding or bad secretions that maintain the advanced condition of the disease, they must they go to a doctor to be treated for their chemotherapy treatment.

The practical examination of Papanicolou lasts about one minute, and the progress made by the acquisition of new technologies by CSS has made the practices of the tests completely painless, explained Caceres.

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