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The curious proposal received from "Chino" Maidana after his definitive retirement from the boxing

-What is true about the proposal of "Steel" Kali?
– We came to talk about something similar to what Floyd Mayweather did with Connor McGregor. We are at it.

After publishing exclusively on Infobae his definitely deviation from the boxing, "Chino" Maidana confirmed to this media that the challenge of the former kick boxing fighter is serious and predicts which date can happen and under what conditions.

"We will see what will happen to Acero, because it organizes, I am ready and could be in September, it will have to be boxing, I'm not moving from there, that's what we discussed after several meetings boxing ring and only fists ", he said.

Then, "Acero" himself confirmed Cali himself in his Instagram account: "More confirmed than ever, very soon El Chino Maidana versus Acero Cali !!! Maidana promotions will come with everything."

Days before the trip to Las Vegas, USA, to prepare for his unsuccessful return to professional boxing, Marcos "Chino" Maidana (35) and Jorge "Achero" Kali (47) had a round trip to the social networks.

"Good, dear Chinese, the challenge is accepted, so in two months we will see in the ring, how to fight the Chinese, boxing, boxing boxing or whatever you want, I accept the challenge, Chino and Achero Kali in the ring" announced the former Super Heavyweight Champion of the World Kickboxing Network (WKN).

Round trip between "Acero" Kali and "Chino" Maidana in social networks

"Steel, I go to the United States to train, in Las Vegas, I will prepare for three months and I come to fight with you, you're a challenge and I want to see you, too. Santafecino the former world boxing champion.

However, this unprecedented challenge had a luxurious guest: Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez (44). "Now Jorge Kali denies the Chinese Maidana, what weight? Jorge is closer to my weight than Chino, who is about Mayweather, is looking for Pacquiao, do you cheer, Jorge, what do you say? Tell me how many circles, what weight and where are we" , was the letter of Quilmamento, which owns the super-welterweight and middle belt of the World Boxing Council (WBC).

"Maravila" Martinez also joined the challenge

Floyd Mayweather was the pioneer and chief promoter of this class of fights in which he combines boxing with mixed martial arts, after his medal battle with Connor McGregor. He also added an exhibition in Japan ahead of the kickbox Tenshin Nasukawa, who earned him $ 9 million.

While Meidana's "Chino" wants to link his life with his own line in his native Margarita, the possibilities for his watching in action before "Achero Kali" are moving. The former boxing boxing box since March has been licensed to the City Council and is preparing its fight against the former boxing champion in a super lightweight and welterweight category.

In December 2018, Floyd Mayweather beat the Japanese kickbox Tenshin Nasuka

But before that, in May, for the third time will fight against Horacio "Ninja" Enrique, in the fight against mixed martial arts. Previous crosses that took place at Luna Park were: 2010 which ended without a decision and the one in 2013, where Acero lost the technical KO. This fight against the "ninja" will be his return to the octagon, after the untimely defeat in June 2018 against Diego "Toro" Vysotsky in Cordoba.

"It's confirmed for September: he and I have been training a lot, we just wait for a moment, it will be a fight that is not controlled by any body, but with the rules of the boxing," confirmed Eskobarenez's fighter, in the statements for the La Salle del Boxes program, from AM 1300.

"I feel well, motivated, weighing 88 kilograms, the state of" Chino "was that I weigh 85 and I think I'm going to do it, athletes should have that little flame, I'm a fighter, at the age of 47 I reckon that there is an opportunity to fight someone like Maidana, "concluded Acero Cali, who would also debut in boxing.

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