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The country's risk is rising again – 26.04.2015

The Earth's risk, which on Thursday reached more than 1,000 points, then descended, began a day off, and then rose slightly. It closed at 935 points and Friday went to 944.

This means that the Argentine debt is 9 points higher than the US bonds, which are the safest in the world. And that's it figure far from the rest of the countries in the region (Brazil is 250 and in Peru, 100 points).

Look, too

Some Argentine bonds recovered after a huge wave of sales that they suffered in the middle of the week before worries about the October elections and the possibility of default.

The recovery of the bonds at the end of the wheel on Thursday was supported by ANSeS, which – during the government of Christina Kirchner – He went out to buy debt securities.

Look, too

The agency was working in the short term, which were most punished, as the market speculated that IMF money was not enough to pay off the debt by 2020 and that the new government of Christina Kirchner could force to restructure the titles. As Bloomberg noted from market sources, ANSeS bought AO20 and AY24.

A few days ago, the market was considering this option: the government went out to buy back the debt in order to raise the price and cancel the cheaper liabilities.

In the meantime, Argentine stock on Wall Street They began to trade in green, after two days furiously red, but also reduced the growth and the last wheels had mixed quotations. Merval reaches about 1 percent.


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