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The country's risk file adds insecurity in a calm December

On Monday, despite the fact that the local market did not function as a national highway holiday, the index measured by JP Morgan in the US again rose and reached 829 basis points. Because of the greater aversion to global risk, this indicator increased by almost 1% to 829 units, reaching a new maximum for more than four years.

The country's risk affects the price of Argentine bonds, which are now less attractive to global investors. In fact, JP Morgan admits that many of these investment funds can not take up more Argentine debt, because they have already bought a lot in the past three years.

Today, the market says Argentina will have trouble paying off its debt, which has grown by 28 percent over the past twelve months.

In this way, according to, en so far this year the indicator registered a jump of almost 137%, while in the month the accumulated increase is about 18%.

In the United States, there was a new "black Monday" that included President Donald Trump's criticism of the Federal Reserve Directors. This has again hit developing economies, and Argentina, within that group, is one of the most vulnerable.

"The best thermometer to measure investor distrust continues to be a risk to the country," economist Gustavo Berr explained from the Ber Ber consulting firm, who added that "clearly reflects the current inability to return voluntary debt markets, something that needs to be it will be to regain it before the IMF has exhausted the contributions (in Argentina). "

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