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The Burdisso method is already noticeable in Boca: the 5 measures that are trying to restore the mystical "xeneize"

At 17 December what was open secret was confirmed. Nicolás Burdisso was introduced as brand new Sports director from Boca Juniors.

"Before selecting a coach, the club needs a sports director and I'm proud to accept it. We will work very carefully, but Nicholas has a faculty and a power to choose the proposal and we agreed, because besides being president of the club, I am the president of professional football and I have to decide. I have great confidence and he will have freedom these days to speak on behalf of the institution with coaches they can take at this point, "President Daniel Angelicz said.

Since that day until today he had to solve many problems in the club. Expired agreements and that they were to be analyzed to renew them or not, others that will be improved based on yields and expectations and the usual negotiations for concluding or selling players face 2019 full of matches. All this without leaving aside the choice of Gustavo Alfaro as a coach and will be announced in the first days of 2019.

"It's an important day and very strong emotions, it's a historic, special and interesting moment with a unique opportunity. I have always been very clear on how to build football, which must be based on principles, values ​​and everything that entails. It is a huge challenge that of transferring from a role that in Argentina to the best has little knowledge. I will make decisions and assume responsibilities, " It was the letter for the introduction of Nicolás Burdisso that day when the emotions were flooded.

It was ten days that seemed like months to me. Sin an embargo, a former multi-champion defender in the Golden Age of Carlos Bianchi nothing surprised him. "From the first moment when his hand was spotted, he carried the mystique and DNA of the club into his blood," they point out through the corridors of the club.

Despite the convulsive moment the club passes, caused by the historical defeat of the River in Copa Libertadores, Burdisso never lost his way. It conveys any message of calm that characterizes it and never leaves the target which was suggested when he arrived These goals are palpated and can be seen in everyday work. Next, the top five, although they will arrive more.

As he was told, Nicholas Burdisso was in charge of the interviews, negotiations and, finally, the choice of the coach. Of course, everything was in constant consultation with Daniel Angelicz. There were personal interviews, phone calls or videoconferences, all valid during the achievement of the most appropriate DT for the club (See: 6 clues that carry Gustavo Alfaro in Boca)

Nicholas Burdisso continues to talk daily with Daniel Angeliki, now for strict questions about football and team building. In that sense, the dialogue is open to Gustavo Alfaro, which will be announced in the first days of January, but who has full knowledge of every idea and step that the Sports Director wants to give. In fact, both coincided in Mexico, the destination they chose to spend their holidays, and there agreed with the first measures regarding the armed men of the institution.

One of the first measures Burdiso took when he arrived at Boca was to summon the team's top teammates. Call Carlos Tevez, Fernando Gago, Pablo Perez … It was an informal phone call, because the players are on vacation, and the commitment to do it personally when they return to January 3 for the start of the preseason.

Apart from talking about the specific situation of each officer and the importance of taking a message of total identification with the club to the rest of the team, Burdisso will also emphasize the communication, either through the social networks of each player, as well as the time to make statements for the press.

At the moment, before the scandals carried out by Riccardo Centurion, added to some concrete fact of fighting in practice, Daniel Angeliki withdrew a clear line concerning the ways and the importance of leaving the represented club in the best way.

In this regard, the new sports director will continue strongly, in addition to looking for a profile that resembles European clubs and their daily contacts with local media. It will be more closed communication, with pre-scheduled interviews and strengthening the idea that players do not broadcast phrases that trigger controversy.

Those close to Nicholas Burdiso confirm that they never left the lower part of the club. He left in 2004 for Italy after hitting the jump from the youth and returning each year to the country of vacation approached the club's facilities, mixed in the subject and gave talks. Therefore, it was not surprising that one of his first visits was the Training Center that the club owns in Ezeiza.

The search is focused on the essence of the player, the values ​​and the dream of each of them. Everyone must have the desire to succeed in Boca and not be discouraged by the lack of place in the First. Burdiso points to that goal.

This was highlighted in the last hours when he spoke with young promises made by the professional team and who will take part in the South American U20 with the Argentine team: Leonardo Balerdi, Agustín Almendra and Manuel Rufo.

Gustavo Alfaro is aware and knows the idea of ​​the Director of Sport to give him a place of greater importance for the youth in the First Division.

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