Wednesday , May 12 2021

The bombs of Almiron – 01/26/2015

Jorge Almirón ended very hot after an aggressive defeat against Defensa and Justzia, who is now the leader of the Super League, while not racing, and at the press conference he dropped several spicy phrases.

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On the one hand, he looked inside and asked for more reinforcement. "You need to bring the players to the end, such games like today are getting like this," said the coach, who had to pull the Peruvian midfield in the middle of the match, adding: "We have to get to the task and I have to get to the task"

He also said: "It was a very close match, for us, the unsolved result was not a bad result, we did not draw a counterattack on the last game of the match and we lost the game, it ended with the finals," he said.

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And then he also attacks him outside: "I did not see what happened to Coins (he was expelled at the last because of the alleged attack on the attacker). They could also be dropped on the left side (Tripicchio) and changed the process. My player (Kolocini), who did nothing, was expelled and the judge awarded him with Novels – Boca. "

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