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The Bariloche's femicide is considered an "extremely dangerous" Chronicle

Valeria It was finalized by his ex-partner, after making the connection.

Hundreds of policemen, with the support of the gendarmerie, continued with the search Mariano Cordi, charged with murder in a blow to his head Valeria Coppa outside the cathedral in Bariloc last Tuesday, and the prosecutor of the case warned that it was a person "extremely dangerous".

During this dawn, Rio Negro police agents raided the homes of relatives and relatives of Cordy, in the city of Dina Huapi, bordering Bariloche, although without results.

In the drill, trained dogs and field vans, it also cooperates with the staff of the National Gendarmerie, delegated in the outskirts of the city.

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The prosecutor in charge of the case, Betiana CendónHe said Cordy was "an extremely dangerous person" and although he asked for co-operation with neighboring neighbors in which he suspects he can be hiding, he also warned them of the importance of taking precautionary action.

Provincial sources have informed him that Cordy used 22-gun weapons to attack his former partner and that he is likely to escape from some other type of weapons, such as rifles, pistols and knives.

Rionegreen police found in the defendant's domicile for baby cheat locks and domestic military reasons why, before fearing there were safety devices in an environment that could be triggered, he called in the Department of Explosives for the forces to inspect the sector.

"Not only is the place where we are looking for a complex, but also because we are talking about a complex person because of the rationality of the behavior he develops: he decided to kill his partner on the square, in the center of the city, in the afternoon, in the middle of the day", the prosecutor said Kendon in the FM statements 93.7.

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Researchers believe Cordy, which is 1.90 feet high and wears dark clothing, will move around the outskirts of Bariloche, about 7km from the Civic Center.

From this Wednesday, Rio Negro police oversees all the city's exits, as well as airports and bus terminals.

Copa's 40-year-old fiancé, a mother of two children aged 9 and 16, and an agent of the Center for Integral Child Care and Adolescence (Caina) from Bariloche, was in the afternoon Tuesday at the center of the civil society in that city, where the defendant was shot by security cameras.

According to the investigation, the woman was shot in the head when she was in the gardens around the city's cathedral, which was located at the vice admiral O-Konor, Kale, an area visited by dozens of tourists and residents who take advantage of the rest area.

True, several people found Kopa's body lying on the lawn to the bicycle, with a wound on a bullet on his head.

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Based on the words of relatives of the victim, Cordy planned the femicide after Copa decided to discontinue the relationship.

After the femicide, Bariloche neighbors, called by various social organizations, marched on Wednesday afternoon through Only and Brown streets to demonstrate against gender-based violence. In return, the Municipality of Bariloche ordered two days of mourning for the severity of the event.

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