Saturday , July 31 2021

The astronaut is accidentally called 911 from space

We all know what will happen if you shout in space (thanks, Alien), but what happens if you call 911 from space?

In a recent interview with the Dutch public broadcaster Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (NOS), the Dutch astronaut Andrew Kuypers described a random dialing of the number of emergency services while in the orbit of the International Space Station.

Kuypers, an astronaut with the European Space Agency, missed an essential number dial when calling via Houston, and ended up contacting the US Emergency Disclaimer.

"If you are in space, it's like making a call through Houston, you will first call 9 for an outer line, then 011 for an international line," Kuypers told NOS.

The call began a security alert at the Johnson Space Center in NASA in Houston, and the security team is heading to check the room through which his call is linked.

The team, of course, did not find anything wrong. "I made a mistake," Kuipers said. "The next day I received an email message: did you call 911?"

Kuypers joked that he felt exhausted that no one had arrived in response to his call. "I was a bit disappointed that they did not come," he said.

The 60-year-old space traveler spent nine days at the ISS, carrying out 21 experiments in the fields of human physiology, biology, microbiology, physical science, Earth observation, education and technology. He was the seventh European astronaut who visited the ISS, and the first from the Netherlands.

Long-distance calls are available to ISS crew members.

In an interview for 2013 with Space Answers, NASA flight director Holly Riddings said ISS astronauts use an IP phone that functions functionally via a computer. "It's like" Space Skype. "They can call on any phone in the world if they have good satellite coverage," she said.

It seems that astronauts who call the wrong number can be something. In 2015, a British astronaut Tim Peak Twitter an apology to a woman whom he accidentally called. He said: "I would like to apologize to the lady I just called by mistake, saying," Hello, is this planet Earth? "- is not a joke call … just the wrong number!"

Then the Italian astronaut Samantha Christoforeti answer to Twitter Peek: "Haha! I called 911 once by mistake."

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