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The aficionado saw the strange disease that afflicted his son in the skin

Russia's Ekaterina Mezenova, 24, has decided to use her social networking site to spread and raise awareness of a strange situation, known as nevus, a skin disease suffered by your child and may increase your chances of getting skin cancer if you do not receive proper treatment.

As she shows through her Instagram photos, the baby has a large number of large brown "moles" in much of her body. However, beyond being an aesthetic problem, it can be a serious health hazard to the child. Although in most cases they tend to be benign, they are thought to increase the chance of cancer when spread throughout the body.

A year and four months ago her son Max was born, describing her as "the most beautiful day", even though she was "overwhelmed by the circumstance" that shocked the whole family.

According to the influential report, when the little boy was born, there was consolation among hospital staff. The room was filled with therapists, obstetricians, geneticists and nurses, all discussing a strange feature in the infant's body. It was a very large birthplace that covered almost the entire surface of the skin.

The influencer wanted to be honest with his followers by acknowledging it hiding his son's illness, he covered his body with long sleeves. But now decided to show this hidden face of his life and shared his story with the thousands of people who follow him on Instagram.

According to Mezenova, the causes of this disease are unknown. In addition, the way he captured his little boy is very unusual because, as doctors have told him, he rarely gets to his face. But your little one was bad luck.

Now, the mother has her hopes set on a treatment being done in Israel. It lasts between 6 and 7 years and should be done in at least six stages. The procedure, however, is priced at over $ 450,000, so the blogger set her on a mission to raise money to finally cure her son.

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