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The actor from "El Marginal" revealed the premiere date for the third season

Gerardo Romano, who plays Antin at El Marginal, confirmed that on March 7, the filming of the third season, from the Underground Productions factory, will begin, and the first chapter is expected to be broadcast on Tuesday, July 9, 22 hours on public television.

"How good El Marginal is that this government is investing money in culture," Romano told


The series that focuses on the history of prisoners in the San Onofre Prison said on public television with its second season, reaching a peak of 11.3 points, to average an average of 9.6.

"The whole team is very lubricated, they are very heavy, they make the character of casting, on secondary, tertiary roles, on stage design, production, and they put a lot of emphasis on the texts, the script," added the actor who plays to the director of the penitentiary- Correctional home.

El Marginal was not only a success in Argentina, but also in other parts of the world after it was sold to Netflix. "I'm going to Australia to tell you one example, and say" Argentina, Antin! "Said Romani.

While not sure exactly where they will receive the story in this new season, Nicolas Furtado, who plays Diosito, said Juan Minoyin, El Pastor, could return to San Onofre. "Sebastian Ortega told me very well, it would be great, we will go more, we will see if Pastor returns, I do not know much and I can not say, we all want a return to Juan, I do not know how and when."

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