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The acknowledgments of Andrea del Boca's daughter, about the relationship with her father: "At 9 years I did not want to see him again"

For many years, he kept a low profile that put him aside explosively during the note which he gave exclusively to the magazine Karas. The daughter of Andrea del Boca, Anne Chiara Biasotti, He turned 18 and, finally, as a full-fledged person can talk about his life story, which in the court case is forbidden to his father, Ricardo Biayotti, whom he calls "a male parent" and whom he claims he does not see because he nine years

Under the title "Rebirth of Rejection, Abuse and Pain," the announcement highlights that the actress's daughter "admits to having suffered ill-treatment (in school) and who was tired of dealing with judges and psychologists. "" Today she feels free and admits she has managed to heal her wounds thanks to her mother's love, "he adds.

"I am tired of living surrounded by psychologists and judges. I can not say how many times I had to talk to psychologists. I was very young and I thought that if I had to go so many times, it was because I was not mentally good, "said the young woman.

"There are different types of abuse, there is physical, verbal, sexual and psychological. When I was with him, I did not feel respected"I did not feel at home, I did not feel loved," he said of the connection he had with the man who gave him life.

"I remember that after I wrote a letter to the judge who told him that he looked at me at a dinner with disgust… I do not understand why. Then she looked at me and said, "You smell like a ass, I do not love you to me." I came home shattered. For nine years I did not want to see him anymore, "he recalls with pain.

"There was always something bad about him. If she had long hair, she looked like a maid if she wore slippers, she was poor and poor, and the servant for him was disgusting, "he said.

"After I heard my dad say that my mother pierced me, so I could not have a relationship with him. There may be mothers who hinder the parental relationship, but that was not my case. Thinking in that way, and in my case, it would be to minimize everything that I personally suffered"he recalls.

"I do not remember telling him that I love you ever, and he is less. And I'm very kind, I tell my mother 40 times a day, I love you. There was no privacy, no love, no love for me, "he stressed.

"He never wanted to communicate with me. I do not hate anything, but if there is something that really causes me, that feeling is hypocrisy. And after I heard it in the media that spoke to me, it was hypocritical. I like the idea of ​​doing justice, cleaning, "he said.

"In these years I felt that I was in a small box, yelling and that nobody listens to me, "concluded the young woman. during his dialogue with Hector Mageri, the deputy editor of the magazine.

"I was always Anne de Boca, for everyone. Having that surname (regarding Biasotti) in my ID is not the happiest of my life"said Anne, who said she had replaced her father's image through the figure of her grandparents, Nicolás del Boca and Anna Maria, There and Wings, accordingly, as he wanted to call them.

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