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Thalia's recorded images of washed face and networks explode

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November 30, 2018

The Mexican singer appears to have a potion of eternal youth. At the age of 47 and without makeup, it looks great. Meet your secrets.


A Thalia Endless cosmetic operations were obtained. How to forget when you are sure the singer he removed the rib, recently he was charged with an operation to increase the thigh and later on excessive injection of botox.

For all this, the wife of Tommy Motol He turned a deaf ear. However, this time, a photo circulating on social networks has allowed us to know their own real face without makeup, for which his followers began to wonder what is the secret of eternal youth.

Pictures leaked by Thalia, without makeup.

The answer to this question was answered by him Thalia then we are telling you about your tips:

1. Mexican singer avoid long exposure to the Sun, and avoid damages use sunscreen 60 SPF.

2. There are no excuses for a Climbing or running to the nearest park.

3. On Thalia's hair is one of the most famous seeds, and therefore Try to worry, especially when there is contact with the pool or the sea. The singer recommends: to get wet before swimming, apply a conditioning mask, make a tail on the horse and thus penetrate the heat of the sun. In this way, it will prevent chlorine or salt from damage to the hair.

4 Thalia practiced yoga because, as he says, it makes him feel good about himself, in order to project it to others as well balances the soul, mind and body.

5. Even if it seems unbelievable, Thalia does not believe in eating. Prefer Eat healthy and take care of your diet in order to be able to give them treatment over the weekend. Also, the Mexican diva Advise to consume vegetables and drink plenty of water.

6. On eyebrows they are a frame on the face, therefore it is very important to have an appropriate shape for each person. Thalia she shaves them, but advises that they do not do it if they are not experts, because the results can be fatal.

7. For the person, Thalia recommends that brushes to apply blush or makeup are perfectly clean.

8 He never sleeps without removing makeup "No matter how tired you are, your skin will give it to you."

9. On Talis belt it's pure genetics, but it's recommended Eat slowly to help you properly digestion of the stomach.

10. In his book, he says verbatim: "Love, love everything and everyone, which is reflected in your attitude and your expression … a person who loves and gives, is someone with whom everyone wants to be and therefore attracted. "

Talia found a "little frog" in her hamburger

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