Monday , May 17 2021

Tesla intends to get the Mario Kart license for his cars

In recent years, the supply of hybrid and electric cars has begun to move forward, as the world and the four-wheeler drive are moving toward a major shift in the use of other sources of energy. One of the companies that insisted on this strategy is Tesla, Inc. and among all the ideas they have about their car offer, this year highlighted the search for the driver to enjoy video games while the car is charging or while being detained for a long time. Well, one of the goals of the company was nothing more and nothing less, that Mario Kart.

According to the report from IGN, one of Tesla's attempts to provide video games on his car line made them try to negotiate with Nintendo to acquire a license for Mario Kart. The information came when Elon Mashk, the controversial co-founder and investor of the company, revealed in Twitter that one of the goals they had in terms of supplying video games in their models was to obtain a license for the popular Nintendo racing game, however, the same Musk said the Japanese company did not want to negotiate with them and, for this reason, the idea did not succeed. Mashk's statement came about the question posed by a user who asked him to enjoy Steam games in Tesla's cars, to which the creator replied that it would be great.

In this regard, it is worth remembering that, a few years ago, Mario Kart 8 in its version of the Wii U, received content from Mercedes-Benz and it is possible that this is an obstacle so that the license of the game could be negotiated with Tesla, Inc.

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