Wednesday , August 4 2021

Telefe increased its live programming with a measure of strength

The downtime of the workers on the channel affects the departure of the news Source: Archive

Surprise interruption affects live programming of


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The measure of force, which began in 11 years and will last until 16 years, was decided by Satsaid (Argentine Union of Television) and the internal commission of Telefah, after knowing that there would be layoffs in the channel's channel. The union is discussing about 100 layoffs, while the channel officially recognizes the departure of ten workers to positions that "are no longer needed in terms of the new dynamics of industry," according to the company's official statement,

Because of these surprising upheavals, they will not be broadcast today
News for people,
Telefe Noticias at 20 and
Midnight staff. At 14.30, the meeting is convened at the Ministry of Labor, where mandatory reconciliation can be issued. Until then the protest will be held. Workers have ratified that tomorrow there will be striking strikes every two hours during programming.

This morning, at Telef's door, in the province of Buenos Aires Martinez, there were demonstrations involving workers from the station, other unions and workers from other channels and trade unions.

The company, owned by American company Viacom, put the plane on the plane to explain what happened: "We want to continue with you the same way as ever, but for the measure of the union our programming is temporarily affected." After abruptly abolishing the
Morphy… – one hour before your regular schedule – the channel decided to issue the canning
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The report by Pablo Montagna

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