Friday , May 14 2021

Sylvia's stick D? Auro vs. Jorge Real: "On that channel …!"

Sylvia D'Auro and Jorge Rial separated seven years ago, since then they have nothing to do with and we can even say they hate each other. Although they try to avoid talking to each other, they sometimes get away and throw themselves into pretty controversial comments. Like this time …

The former wife of the driver of intolerance, announced through his Twitter account a tweet from another user who said: "I do not see that channel (for America), Sylvia and much less because you already know who it is. I do not name it because they tell me that there are bills closed, the old trap ". The media He read the message and added: "There's nothing to see on that channel!" There he also added the emesis that causes vomiting.

It is worth remembering that, some time ago, when Morena Jorge's pregnancy news was asked, they asked him whether D & # 39; Auro I helped your daughter. In those moments, the journalist broke into a rage and commented: "Mother Morena?" If you participate? Where? I do not understand … He left and left everything eight years ago. He did not participate in anything, neither in operations nor in … In everything he participated. Leave, I do not want to talk about it. "

On the other hand, Sylvia, commented a few years before: "Now I'm not talking to Jorge. After I called him, when it was Morena's mess with Loli in a bowling alley, I told him what was going on with the girl, I did not call him to talk about the divorce. hook up and contact his lawyer, then he called me and asked me what you did? … If I did not accept an apology, I would not apply everything that I learned the last time. They are angry with me, but that's it. pain was very great and thanks to the fact that I grew up. I already forgave him and does what he wants. "

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