Friday , May 14 2021

Surprisingly in the next week there will be a reduction in oil prices

Over the next week there will be a reduction in the price of fuels, on average between 2% and 4%, depending on the type of oil.

Oil will rise to 7% on Friday.
Oil will rise to 7% on Friday.

The government has already discussed with oil companies about this possibility. Due to the decline in the international price of a barrel of oil, and also the devaluation of the dollar against the dollar, also stopped.

In December there is an increase in two taxes: carbon dioxide emissions and fuel transfers. The former is fixed, and the latter is adjusted to inflation. So far, they have measured 23.8% of the retail price, but that incidence will be greater than next week.

The fall in prices will rise to 4%, as refineries – those that transform oil into fuel – will send it up to 8% less at gas stations.

Some refiners estimate, this week, that the fall in oil prices should be around 3%. This is because they noticed that the dollar again gained strength against the peso in the last few days. However, other companies took into account the Government's review to review the price of the pesos against the US currency during the month.

"If there is a fall, it is due to the fall of the dollar, because the rise in oil (a 33% increase) has never been reflected in the sector's prices. Small can be lowered for what has never flourished," one of the most famous listeners of consultants for the oil industry in the sector.

The Energy Secretariat, which reports to the Ministry of Finance, is advancing on the "competitiveness" table for YPF, Shell, Axion refiners, in which officials and company managers can discuss the costs of the sector. Officials believe that local margins go beyond international margins and local managers want to replicate them.

10% less in the price of oil: the new government's goal

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