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Surprise: Ricky Martin announces that he and her husband are the parents of a girl – 01.01.2015

In the middle of last year, strong rumors suggested that Ricky Martin, 47, and her husband, Swedish-Syrian painter John Youssef (34), asked a girlfriend to join her family. However, the announcement was made to wait, and, surprisingly, within hours of the New Year's celebration, the Puerto Rican and his husband They said they were the parents of a baby. "Her name is Lucia", the singer wrote from his official Instagram account.

Puerto Rican, who is already the father of the twin Mateo (10) and Valentino (10), who he had on August 6, 2008 after subrogation of the stomach, published by social networks, along with a photograph showing part of the girl's face and her little hands held by those of her parents, that Lucia is the new member of the Martin-Joseph family. In the publication, she also revealed the name of the girl: Lucia Martin-Josef.

"We are excited to announce that we have become the parents of a beautiful and healthy girl whom we named Lucia Martin-Josef. This is undoubtedly a unique birthday and celebration of Christmas in our lives, "said the singer, who performed years on December 24, without announcing the exact date of birth of the baby.

Without warning, Ricky Martin and her husband announced they were already a girl's girlfriend. He is the third son of the portrait singer.

Without warning, Ricky Martin and her husband announced they were already a girl's girlfriend. He is the third son of the portrait singer.

And he progressed: "Both his brothers and Jwan and I are completely in love with our baby and are grateful that we could start this 2019 with the best gift we could get, the gift of life."

Thus, Lucia became the first woman in Puerto Rico family. In 2008, his twins were born, Valentino and Mateo, whom he adores and takes to visit them. Although his partner, Syrian artist Jivan Josef, later joined the clan, the four formed a strong family.

For the singer, his children are "best" in his life, and he is not tired of sharing the joy that surrounds his life in social networks. And now, the singer's posts will also point to Lucia.

A few years ago, Ricky Martin announced his desire to be a father again, demanding "a beautiful girlfriend" who makes him wait. Finally, the girl arrived.

Without details, everything will show that Ricky, again, resorted to renting a maternal womb to have Lusia.

Ricky Martin and John Joseff they met in London and after a two-year courtship they married in early 2018. "We exchanged vows and took the oath, we signed the labors that we had to sign, portability and everything, I am her husband," the singer shared the program Yes! News in January last year.

After the wedding came the super-house: the couple moved to the building in Los Angeles, and showed all the rooms in an interview for a magazine specializing in architecture.

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