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Surprise! Gladys Florimonte crossed with Christine Lagarde – 12/01/2018

Life gives you surprises that you can tell Gladys Florimont. The comedian entered the hotel with the head of the IMF; Christine Lagarde whom she imitates in the program PPT (Journalism for All) (Thirteen).

This Saturday morning Gladys Florimonte went on a daily breakfast at the Hotel Madero in the area of ​​Puerto Madero, because he lives a few meters away. Great was her surprise when IMF director Christine Lagarde, who remains in the same hotel during her stay to attend the G20, entered the room.

Gladys, thanks to the hotel staff who knew her, could address Lagarde and tell her that she is imitating each week in the program of Jorge Lanata.

The official was very beautiful with the actress and shared a brief dialogue very relaxed.

Florimonte was happy because she never imagined the person who successfully mimicked the whole year: "The truth is that it was a surprise to find her there, because that's the place where every day I go to breakfast, to be considered for my home and seeing it there, was very strong, "said Gladys.

Gladys Florimont imitates Lagarde in PPT.

Gladys Florimont imitates Lagarde in PPT.

She added: "She was very warm, very attentive, I could translate a few words into French and she gave me a hand … Beyond any political thought, she is a very important world leader and character who has given me many pleasures throughout year. It was a joy to be able to tell him. "

Gladys returns to Cordoba this week, where he is filming the film Changcha along with El Puma Goths, directed by Franco Verde, and this summer will be held in Carlos Paz with Alvaro Navia.

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