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Surprise at Boca: buy a "little jewel" of inferiors that has not yet made its debut in Primera

Mouth just hired one of the highest promises Rosario Central, who had not yet had his debut in the First Division, but who was the champion with the Argentine national team in the tournament L & # 39; Alcúdia under the command of Lionel Scaloni.

It is about Gastón Ávila, central defender of 17 years who made all smaller divisions of "Canalla". In conflict with the Rosario club, who I tried to lose him because of lack of consent in signing his first contract, the management "xeneize" considered it a future pledge.

Although until now it has not become official, Mouth I would have bought it for five million dollars, three million will be left to Rosario Central plus 10% of future sales.

In "Xeneize" understand that it is a good deal for dedicated youth and a great future. In 2018 he was the defender of the Central with more goals, adding all the AFA cubes: between the ninth and sixth scored 32 goals in 92 matches.

Especially after the free space that he left Leonardo Ballerdi, who with five matches from Primera was transferred to Borussia Dortmund in exchange for 12 million euros, plus three for purposes.

From the box "heck" also understand that the operation is very positive, because they will lose the player due to lack of consent in the first professional contract. The inconvenience with Tiro Federal, the club he formed in his beginnings, aggravated the conflict. "There is something with Boca, but it's not yet advanced", confirmed Ricardo Carlo, vice president of Rosario Central, in dialogue with TyC Sports.

Gaston Ávila was part of the Argentine team Sub 20 which was illuminated champion in the Spanish tournament L & # 39; Alcúdia, under the technical guidance of Lionel Scaloni in 2018. Also the central defender he was sparring the national team on the last date of FIFA.

Also, he was called by Fernando Batista in the first list of South American Super 20 which has been disputed in Chile, but was left in the last court that made DT. Avila is the brother of Ezekiel Cimi Avila, former striker of Tiro Soyuz and San Lorenzo, who currently works in Huesca of Spain.

There are eight reinforcements on Boca in the current market: Junior Osmar Alonso Mujica (Lille, France), Jorman Campuzano (Atletico Nacional de Medellin, Colombia), Markos Diaz (Hurricane), Ivan Markone (Cruz Azul, Mexico), Aries Blanco (Sportivo Italiano), Kevin Mac Alistair (Argentines) and Lisandro Lopez (Genoa)

Also, they were transferred: Augustine Rossi (The loan will go to Uruguay club), Gino Spirits (San Lorenzo), Leonardo Balerdi (Borussia Dortmund from Germany), Lisandro Magallán (Ajax from the Netherlands), Lucas Olaza (Selta Vigo of Spain), Leonardo Jara (DC United States of America), Wilmar Neighborhood (Zenith of Russia), Pablo Perez (Independent), Edwin Cardona (Pachuca de México), Christian Espinoza (San Jose Earthquakes of the United States), Mateo Retegui (Students of La Plata), Carlos Lamp (He returned to Huachapato after his loan), Agustin Heredia (he will go to Sero Largo from Uruguay), Nahuel Molina (Central Rosary) and Gonzalo Lamardo (San Martin de Tucumán).

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