Thursday , January 21 2021

Superclásico in the technical duo and a curious request from the fans of the river: this is how Argentina de Merlo expects the historic Copa Argentina match

The river will debut for the Argentine Cup against Argentine de Merlo, a team that plays in First G, the last category of national football. The match that matches the 32nd finals of the federal match will be held this Wednesday at Stade Materena Stadium from Salta at 21:10 and on television TyC Sports.

As is usually the case in Copa Argentina, for the team leading in the First D will be a historic day. This is what live players, leaders and fans of the Merlot team, who will have great support from their public, who made a huge effort to accompany the team to the north of the country.

The previous significant meeting for Argentino de Merlo had some pearls worth the highlight. One of them is a curious request by the club's secretary general, Luis Zencic, who said that if his team lost the match, he would ask Marcelo Gallardo 670 thousand pesos awarded by Copa Argentina to overcome the first phase.

"I'll ask Gallardo whether they win, give us the prize, for us it's a lot of money, that does not mean much for them", said the leader in a dialogue with Yogo Bonito. Then, in an interview with Yellow doubleHe said how he would invest the amount: "A lot of money, although for a first division team it will look a bit. It would mean to finish the wires of the courts we have, to have more balls … it will be very good, it is necessary. The club is up to date with salaries and does not owe taxes, we are very good and tidy, but money always increases. "

Zencich also has a certain story that connects him with the river and "Muñeco", whose family is Merlo's native. "I was president of the Marcello branch (Gallardo) for eight years, and I'm honored that Gallardo ate several times in my house, always working very closely with the branch bearing his name." he stressed.

However, the story did not end there, since Zenic is also a fan of "Millionaire". "The river is the biggest there, I'm a partner of 23 years and my son is a fanatic too. I am an admirer of both, but I tattoo Merlot's shield. We are expecting, but we know that we are facing the champion of America, "he warned.

Coaching staff is divided by a superclass. Argentino de Merlo's duo has a coach from Boca and another from the river. "I'm from Boca, but I drop the hat with Gallardo., recognized Claudio Vidal, one of the technicians of "Academy" part Oeste, in the newspaper Ole.

Damian Infante is the other member of the technical duo, a fan of the river. "3-1 (in the Copa Libertadores final held in Madrid) we enjoyed a lot with my family. I would like to talk five minutes with "Doll" to learn and congratulate him. "

In addition, all in Argentina de Merlo coincide with changing the defeat of the River by climbing to the First C. In the absence of six dates for the end of the season, the team coming from the finals in the last tournament, marching leader with eleven points of difference for Real Pilar.

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