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Strong statements by Maximo Mendem v. Zuleemita: "Stop scoring me …"

Maximo Menem made strong statements through his networks about his sister Zuleemita for what she said about Cecilia Boloko. Look what he said.

Strong statements by Maximo Mendem v. Zuleemita: "Stop scoring me …"

Teenager in defense of his mother Cecilia Boloko released a strong message from Instagram against Zuleemita Menem. The young man broke out from the wrath of the Instagram stories to see a note Daily profile.

He was entitled: "Zuleemita Menem accused Cecilia Boloko of hiding information about Maximo's health Menem"The youngest of the brothers Menem posted a stubborn message from social networks against Zuleemita after seeing this remark: "Ah and Zulema Menem If you see this stop crying my life. It's already been a long time for you to go through the line. "

For his part, Zuleemita said: "I do not know where Cecilia wants to go, hiding this information. It is impossible to communicate with Boloko, he does not answer to my father who wants to know about the health of his son," said the Senator's daughter in Invoukurados, adding that they never received the results from the biopsy of the operation that was performed. at clinic Las Condes in Santiago de Chile.


After learning the words of her sister, Maximo used her Instagram personal account to respond with strong words to her and her father. "If my dad wants me to know how I am, it's very easy: he can call me when he wants," he said, explaining the last contact he had: "The last time he called me was the end of December last year" .

Zuleemita in an interview with PrimiciasYa.com said: "My father never knew about the operation or the results of his son's biopsy, and I will not answer a 15-year-old child who, unfortunately, is influenced by his mother."

Asked if he believed Boloko had written these messages, and not Maximo, he said: "I have no idea … I control the networks of my son and I do nothing without my authorization. I do not know your case. , so in this way we will get to a good end, for a more good intent that someone has a "

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