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Strong criticism of Queen Letizia for sharing clothes with her daughter

Queen Letizia, enjoys buying clothes from bids and also recycling. Now this is his daughter, who brings her mother's clothes.

Queen Letizia and her daughter Sofia
Queen Letizia and her daughter Sofia

Controversy was already generated some time ago, when it was discovered that Reina, donates those clothes that no longer use them (and they hinder it in their wardrobe). It became known that Letizia gave part of her wardrobe to a member of the Bourbon family, Victoria Federica Marihalar, and that attracted her attention, even if she was her granddaughter. Now it was Infanta Sofia, the one who takes her mother's clothes, of course, has ceased to be a girl and she is already a young girl who looks glamorous in the wardrobe of her mother's wardrobe.

It was already clear that Reina, there is no problem in which members of her family, the reuse of clothes she no longer uses. It is possible to see part of the wardrobe Letizia in the bodies of her sister, Telma Ortiz, and her mother, Paloma Rokasolano. A look that already attracted attention was that it was used by Letizia in the show of the Ballet at the National Opera in Paris. There he wore black leather pants with ties on the side cross-section, cowboy socks from Uterus, a white and black American jersey and part of that look, is what infant repeated.

Queen Letizia went for a walk with her daughters and her appearance surprised everyone

The sweater of Reina Leticia, was again used by Sofia in March 2016. White pullover with a black square and a large ribbon in the stomach and in both sleeves was the one that the Infanta repeated. In every family, this sharing of clothing would be most original, although for the royal family it is a fact that attracts much attention, especially the press, who is responsible for discovering these matches in the look of the mother and daughter

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