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Stan Lee was the real creator of Spiderman? | PHOTOS Trade Lights Comic book


After the death of the legendary writer Marvel Comics. Stan Leemany questions arose around his work, one of which was not completely resolved: who was the real creator Spiderman?

This controversy concerns three great writers: Steve Ditko. Jack Kirby and the deceased Stan Leewho is the creator of other Marvel characters such as Hulk, Avengers, Black Panther and Fantastic 4.

In February 1990. Jack Kirby He defended his authorship and, in an interview with The Comics Journal, assured him that he was the original creator Spiderman.

"I created Spiderman, We decided to give it (Steve) Ditko, but I made the first cover of Spiderman. I created this character. I created a suit. I created all these series, "said Kirby, but the controversy has never been resolved.

To get to know the creator of the arachnid hero, we have to go back several years before his first publication in 1962 in the magazine Amazing Fantasy. They are wrapped in it Stan Lee and cartoons Jack Kirby, Joe Simon and Steve Ditko.

The oldest source of origin Spiderman is in Joe Simon's book "The Comic Book Makers" (2003). Simon recounts that in 1953, after leaving Marvel with Jacek Kirby, he thought about Spiderman, whose scenario was filmed by his brother-in-law, Jacek Olecka, who proposed to change the name to "Silver Spider". The story was rejected by the Harvey publishing house.

Later, in 1959, Simon takes the story with Kirby, but changes the name of the superhero and now becomes "Mucha", whose eyes were covered with a diving lens, and his gun was a gun that emits only sounds. It happened because in 1954 the Law prevented comics from showing violence.

Taking into account the statements in Jacek Simon's book, these attempts were only sketches of a figure that still does not exist. Only in 1962, after the success of Stan Lee from "The Fantastic 4", together with Kirby and Ditko created most of the characters MarvelThat's after the director, Martin Goodman, asks him to create a new superhero. At this point, the so-called Silver Age of the American comic book begins.

In 1962 Stan Lee he asked Kirby & # 39; ego if he has any ideas for new superheroes; then Kirby used one of his sketches Spiderman (made by Simon) and made some changes in the sketch until he became his own; however, it had nothing to do with the one that was published at the end.

Perhaps that is why Jack Kirby insisted for many years Spiderman it was his work that they later developed Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Ditko refused to accept this claim, neither Kirby nor Stan Lee they have reached an agreement around the controversy. According to Steve & # 39; s Ditko, Kirby gave him only five pages drawn with a pencil, all of which showed the drawing of a new superhero like the next one.

"The Spiderman Kirby had a network pistol that had never been seen in action. The only connection with the arachnid motif was the name. This is the superhero they gave me. It's all about "creating" Spiderman Jacek, "explained Ditko.

For years Stan Lee and Jack Kirby attributed himself to the creation of the character. On the other hand Steve Ditko he had to fight to become a recognized co-creator SpidermanAccording to Ditko, Stan Lee wanted to call Hawkman's superhero, but the name was already DC Comics. Then he proposed that the character be a child with a magic ring that would turn him into an adult with powers when he puts on him; it was very similar to The Fly, which Simon created for Archie Comics years ago.

"They existed as a part, a fragment of the undeveloped whole." History, characters, title and ideas were incomplete and unknown. Spiderman it was unexplained, it did not exist, it was not created … In the end, what's left? A man, a teenager, aunt and uncle – he explained. Ditko regarding the changes that the first sketch had.

Despite all his work, the project has not been approved by Marvel when it was redesigned by Ditko. Martin Goodman claimed that "no one likes spiders".

Despite this statement, the first story Spiderman in "Amazing Fantasy", August 15, 1962. He was the first hero who looked like every teenager.

From there, Ditko "explained" everything that had happened. "AND Stan Lee he invented this name. I made a suit, a web gadget on the wrists and a spider signal, "he told in 1965 in the second edition of the Comic Fan magazine.

Now, after death Stan Lee, it is unlikely to discover who was really the creator Spidermanone of the best-known superheroes in comics.

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