Friday , May 7 2021

Sony celebrates the 5th anniversary of the PlayStation 4 in Europe

On November 29, but in 2013, the European market hosted the PlayStation 4, and since then the console has positioned itself as a favorite of millions of players on the continent. Using the date, Sony introduced a video that not only celebrates the birthday of the best-selling console of the generation, but also recognizes the efforts of players to share information about their achievements.

Today, PlayStation Europe's official YouTube channel presented a commemorative video for the 5th anniversary of the console and found no better way to celebrate this occasion than recognition of players' performance in some exclusive titles. The video, titled "5 Years Adventure", revealed that players ended up with 46 million Thunderjaws in Horizon: Zero Zero, while in Everything is golf 2 million holes are observed in one and the inside WipEout Omega Collection 1.7 million hours of racing were invested. Also, in Gran Turismo Sport It is about 260,000 times in the world thanks to 10,600 million kilometers of passengers from the players.

On the other hand, Sony revealed that 630,000 players Bloodborne already received a platy trophy and 1 million contracts are met in Firewall: Zero hour. Also, in Astro bot rescue mission 18 million enemies were defeated and famous fish Detroit: Get up It's saved 4 million times.

Finally, the players of God of War they were also recognized by the PlayStation, as 1.4 million of them have already upgraded the Leviathan Ax; In addition, nearly 1 million players have already found all the treasures inside Uncharted 4: Thief Thief.

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