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So Bethesda sanctions on homophobic attacks in Fallout 76

How Bethesda sanctions homophonic attacks in Fallout 76After a painful incident involving a group of boys who were attacked by other players, while verbally attacking them, Bethesda He clearly put his position on those who do not know how to behave in his last match.

The story happened as follows: a player whose username was NathanTheHicc approached Aye, a Chicago-based boyfriend who was with two friends to ask him for a cure. Consequence 76, something very common for such online games; However, Nathan was disturbed when he was told that his character's wardrobe was "cute", moving away from them while shouting that he did not like this type of "things homo" (with words with high sounds).

Then Nathan returned with reinforcements to eliminate the Ai band, something that despite being bored, happens and is part of the multiplayer experience. The problem is that bullets joined homophobic verbal aggressions through spoken conversation. And it was a very unpleasant situation that reflects on one of the worst parts that unfortunately remains very current and powerful in the society. Then AJ sought ways to report to Bethesda, which proved to be not that easy and it showed that they need to improve their customer support system.

The attackers reported this unfortunate incident in the account of Bethesda On Twitter and although they helped them, Lynette told Eurogamer it was not easy to load the video in the format they were looking for to make the report valid. You can see this video in the message that Ay left in the social network.

Bethesda He noticed this question and punished Nathan, the primitive user we heard throwing so much stupidity, banning access to the game in three days. But Nathan looked proud of what he did to the extent of setting up his YouTube channel on which he saw how he called "Limpia de maricones". In addition, he added the following:

"My version of the incident is more or less the same as the public knows, the only difference is that I do not hate gay people. It was only an evening to have fun after the first meeting (which can be seen on my channel) we felt that it would be fun to offend them in some way, they may think it's evil, but I think it's just immaturity I do not regret the incident I would not apologize if I had the opportunity I do not plan to do such a thing in the future, but, to be fair, I did not plan to do it before. I just found them I have to do it. "

Then the three-day sentence was transformed into a permanent injunction Consequence 76.

Above the end of such an ugly thing, Bethesda and all companies dedicated to online games should pay attention to rules and tools that allow interaction, because the gamers are the widest and most diverse of them. Online games have long ceased to be a novelty, but even Blizzard, which has its own rows a World of Warcraft for 14 years, there are failures in protecting users.

Have you had bad experiences related to homophobia or racism in online games? What do you think are the titles of where these cases are most common?

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