Sunday , May 16 2021

Smallpox and rubella: they are not vaccinated 100%, but in health they are satisfied | The Diary of Cuyo

In the park in May. In the camps, the children visited more green areas and transferable activities for children to vaccinate.

Last Friday, the National Campaign to Monitor Vaccination against measles and rubella ended. In this context, the Ministry of Health says that the percentage of children who are vaccinated is not ideal, but they are satisfied because 81% of the risk group received the vaccine dose, which they consider to be high. In addition, they said that this figure could increase because the final numbers will be processed today. Health Minister Alejandra Venado said vaccinations had risen over recent weeks, but that the target they followed was not achieved. "It is surprising that in distant wards the percentage of vaccinated children is 100%," added Venado. For its part, the head of immunization, Marita Sosa, said they had vaccinated 45,200 children from nearly 56,000 people who need to be vaccinated.

This campaign, which was conducted across the country to strengthen such immunization, began on October 1 and contributed to children from 13 months to 4 years. In San Juan, the risk group consisted of about 56,000 children.

Public health explained that they aim to vaccinate the entire risk group, to take this extraordinary opportunity. So they went out to make many campaigns and traveled even at home. There were classes in which they attended schools, mounted operatives in squares from various neighborhoods, and even took part in marathons and individual parties to try to reach as many boys as possible. There were even remote apartments, such as Jashal, where they made logistical work before the campaign to identify one in one children in the department who had to take the dose of this vaccine.

"The lowest departments in percent of vaccinated children are Chimbas and Capital," said Venerando, adding that the most remote are the most successful. This is despite the fact that provincial vaccination, which is the place where most people from the Grand San Juan are concentrating, has continued its hours of attention.

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