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Silvina Luna had to explain her picture to Daniel Osvaldo in Rome

Friday, April 26, 2019 08:14

The surprising photograph of Silvina Luna with Daniel Osvaldo in Rome.

"We are rare people for normal people," says the phrase Daniel Osvaldo wrote to his Instagram account next to the photo he appears with a group of friends.

The former football player has selected the lyrics of "Gente extraño" from the popular rock group "La 25" to describe the meeting he shared in Rome, where he lived several years when he appeared as an assailant at the Roma club.

What attracted the attention of the photo shared by the current leader of the Barrio Viejo group was the presence of the Silvina Luna model, which appears as a smile with another woman and girlfriend. "Beautiful night," Osvaldo added in a publication he shared on the social network with nearly 15,000 followers.

Rumors about the relationship between the dancer and the former footballer were not very long, and she came out to clarify the connection that unites them. "I spent two days in Rome and we agreed to have dinner with friends, nothing more," said the panelist from Incorrectas.

"There's nothing to see," he slipped, laughing, about a possible relationship with former Jimena Baron, who appeared in a media scandal for the education of his son in recent weeks.

According to Silvina's story, the meeting with the former player was a "pure chance" and he warned that he did not know him until that evening. "We are not friends, we only have mutual friends," he insisted who shared his vacations with friends.

After a tour in Morocco (Marrakech) and Italy (Rome and Milan), Luna will return to the panel of the cycle that Moria Kazan leads on the screen in America and will share with Sofia Zamolou, Mika Viscount, Nora Caprina, Caroline Papaleo , Carolina Losada and Selina Ruci.

Daniel Osvaldo, however, returned to live in Italy because he participated in the realistic "Dancing for the Stars" show, along with Swedish dancer Vera Kinunen. In addition, his friends and rock band members traveled to make a tour around the country. "He did not give us for Ferrari, so we painted Renault 4 red," the singer joked with a picture in which the musicians presented themselves with the vehicle that would accompany the emissions.

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Daniel Osvaldo and Silvina Luna shared the dinner with their mutual friends (Instagram)

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