Monday , May 17 2021

Shell to lower gas prices to 3.8%

The oil company Raizen Argentina, which operates the Shell brand in the country, will reduce the drop up to 3.8% in their fuels, and this is the second consecutive loss that decides in less than 30 days, was announced by the company.

In this way, the firm, which represents 20% of the retail market, contributes to the reduction that the PFP already applies in its prices to the public, which reduced the gas prices by 1.5%, but increased by 3% the average prices of diesel.

The Shell brand operator in the country noted that the new reference prices in the city of Buenos Aires will be for Shell Formula Super $ 37,990 (-2.5%); and for Shell V Power Nafta or Premium 43.990 (-3.8%).

In the case of diesel products, prices will be for Shell Formula Diesel 500 of 35,980 dollars (+ 0.8%), and for Shell V-Power Diesel from 41,980 dollars (+ 1.7%)

From the first hours of Monday, the YPF superficial fell 1%, from 37.59 to 37.21 dollars per liter, while the premium-mode, which is called Infinia, fell 1.5% from $ 44, 01 to 43, 35 dollars.

For its part, the common diesel has increased from 33.76 dollars to 34.84 dollars, and Infinia has increased from 39.67 dollars to 40.86 dollars and Infinia 1.5%; so, the diesel, in its two versions, climbs an average of 3%.

Variations in the price of international crude oil in recent weeks and the stability of the exchange rate explain the decision of oil companies to rearrange the prices of oil pumps.

Contrary to this, it happened with diesel, a product that is imported in large percentage, and because, according to what they explain from companies, there was still an increase margin to achieve parity of imports.

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