Friday , May 7 2021

She went to a cosmetic party and ended up with a deformed lip

Rachael Knappier, 29, attended the "Botox Party" friend and among the Prosecko glasses (Italian sparkling wine) and parts of the cake decided to inject the upper lip with botulinum toxin to fix the small "fate" What left when he got hurt as a teenager?

before botox 2.jpg

"My friend was enthusiastic about a beautician, how cool he was, and I decided to try, "explained the woman, who lives in Leicestershire, UK, but ended the day with big lips, the site reported. The sun.

The application made in the kitchen of her friend's house cost Knappier 220 pounds (US $ 282) against 300 pounds ($ 383) that she could cost in the doctor's office.

"The cosmetician – whom I thought was a nurse – did not ask me to sign any consent, so it was supposed to sound like an alarming danger, but at fun with friends I took seriously the question of injecting things into my face," the woman admitted, who works in a law firm.

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The result of his thoughtless decision was evident several hours later, when the pain in the upper lip gave way to an inflammation worthy of a caricature. The caller called him a beautician, who in turn told him that he must take an antihistamine and go to a caregiver as before.

Apparently, after fear and 72 hours of aggressive treatment to get their lips dirty, the woman assured her that she would never participate in a "cosmetic party".

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