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She lost her job, received help to celebrate her daughter's 15th birthday, and now she had an exciting gesture

January 3, 2019

This case happened in the city of Don Torukato, after a woman posted on the Facebook page: "The solidarity of the people is incredible; it crosses the borders".

Vanessa knows perfectly well that the celebration 15 years old from his daughter It was really important for both of them, and therefore he did everything possible to fulfill that desire. First of all, given that the woman was out of work.

This happened in the city Don Torquato, when Vanessa, who with her husband keeps her five children, in her head marked the date on April 1, she meets her daughter Oriana.

So he sent a message on the Facebook page to ask for help, and the reaction of people was a surprise: "Not everything is lost, you can believe, you can dream and the solidarity of the people is incredible, it crosses the borders"Vanessa said in a dialogue with

Immediately, the messages began to come in large numbers and "little sand" to each person, make her happier: "Today we sent a room to Polvorines, stay in what I was supposed to see, I'm in Torcuato, but the family comes from San Isidro, Beccar and we need to see the transport issue."

"I wanted to know if someone would have to issue or borrow things for quinceañera. It's my daughter and we do not plan to do much, because our economy is quite tight", broke the message that became viral. Vanessa is committed to roasting and promoting her products from Facebook.

Things started to arrive, and he also accepted that there are a few things left. Therefore, he decided: "We will try to create a page so that girls can have a dress or theirs party from 15 years old, to give us what they donated to us: bristle cotillon, makeup, follow the chain ".

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