Sunday , May 16 2021

Severe criticism from Our Guevara to Marley, Flavio Mendoza and Luli Salazar

The incorrectas driver referred to the aesthetic choice of children conceived by a surrogate mother.

Nacha Guevara questions Marley, Flavio Mendoza, and Luciana Salazar for choosing their children's genetic traits, conceived of a surrogate stomach in the United States.

In the Incorrect Program, where it is replaced Moria Casán, talked about the cover of the magazine Caras, where parents participated Mirko, Matilda and Dionysus, Susanna and Myrta, and she decided: "There is something that attracts my attention. Should everyone be blond and blue-eyed?"

The video of the moment

"Those who are elected because they choose … It's strange to me. It's good that you choose what you want, but it's a kid, not something you will buy," he added, and concluded: "I want someone to do such a treatment and have one black baby one day. We have fun that day. "

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