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Sergio Massa: "It would be very important that Lusto be part of the Federal Alternative"

The leader of the renovation front Sergio Massa he showed in favor of the involvement of national deputy Martin Lusto within the integrated political space, the Federal Alternative. "I think it would be very important to be part of the seats, the elections or the government," he said in a dialogue with Luis Novaresio for the LNE program, which was broadcast by A24.

In this regard, Masa stressed that there are valuable leaders in different political parties and consider that there is "to have greatness and generosity for building a government of national unity," which potentially includes them. As an example, he highlighted Florencio Randazzo, Raphael Bielsa and Emilio Monzo.

Given that former Economy Minister Roberto Lavany was against the primary election, the leader of the Fronomen as well as other members of the "Alternative Federation" was asked if he would agree not to hold them.

"It's important that we can discuss and show people programs and coincidences. It is necessary to show that we want to manage Argentina, if it does not look like a magazine, where everyone is struggling to see what is their place on the card, "he said.

In addition, he repeated that if he lost PASO, but his space won the general election, it would be part of the government. "I have the desire to lead it, but above all the responsibility and the obligation to help build a new government in Argentina," he said.

However, he rejected speculative versions with a bid for Buenos Aires governor, which would complement Lavani's possible national bid. "I have a desire to be a president, I am not looking for a job. I have a drastic vision for the province. I think that their problems are solved only by the nation, "he said.

In another paragraph of the interview, Massa left various definitions on topics such as his analysis of the Government and its relations with Mauricio Macrie and Kristina Kirchner.

In the first place, he was extremely critical of the leadership of Cambiemoos, both on his results and on political activities.

On management, he said: "They have a mixture of arrogance, incompetence and insensitivity. Only the one who does not feel can not see that the eating order has risen in the dining room, for people who seek credits to pay the bill of light so they can not pay the rent. "

He went on: "Macri will leave the country worse than Cristina, his failure led us to Venezuela. We are closest to Venezuela after three years Makri"

Accordingly, he pointed out, the next government should again negotiate an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). "I said that face to face with the Fund and with investors in Washington, and this agreement, for the next government, is unfeasible," he said.

In relation to President Makri in particular, Mass defines him as someone who has "low tolerance to frustration"something he said was illustrated by the tone of his responses in the last interview he gave to journalist Luis Maiuel.

Regarding the same report, in which Makri indicated that his father was part of the "extreme system of Cybernetics in which he should work, he had to pay" Mass was in favor of applying the law to exterminate the rule of the president's legacy "so that it enters a suspicious situation and the judge can reconsider his origin."

He added: "When we talked about money laundering, the president asked me seven times to involve family members (among those who are authorized to enter). I told him in no way. Today I understand, money laundering has allowed them to give legal origin of money that appears to be of unlawful origin. "

As for Kristina Kirchner, she repeated that there were no debates for nine years and explained: "A voters of Unidad Ciudadana told them that it was not time for cultural candidacies. It's not time to think of a candidate who will lose in the second round with Makri, because we need to give the Argentines a new government. "

In this regard, and emphasizing what he considers to be the failures of Cambiemus and Kirchner's governments, he assured that if the former and current presidents refuse to be candidates "will show the dimension of a man and woman of the state".

In the case of Makri, he said: "because I would admit that it will defeat and will lead to a change in the defeat"while in that of his predecessor, because"it is more important that there is a change of government since his return to power"

In another line, Massa referred to the case he attributed and arrested the fake lawyer Marcelo D'Alessio and included prosecutor Carlos Starnelli. Although he was in favor of the judge of the case, Alejo Ramos Padilla, "explores the sewage of Argentina, in which Alessios dives from this world" defended the federal prosecutor.

"I think I have long known him and I do not doubt that he is not an extortionist, but it is good that he must give explanations, just as he asks them, it is good that in the discussion where someone has influenced his good name," he said .

In this direction, Massa tried the criticism of the Judicial Authority and proposed a system by which judges should review their opinions at regular intervals.

"The mayor goes to the exam every two years, the governor also the judge goes once, and then never again, we need to go into a system where every five years we make an assessment of the reasons in the standard, procedural times, appeals against the court and pronounced judge Whoever passes the qualification, goes to the next section, Who does not, leaves, "he concluded.

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