Sunday , April 11 2021

Sergio Denny's girlfriend revealed the excesses the singer lived before the accident

Veronica Monti he made a hard claim for serious situation that her boyfriend is going through Sergio Denis before an accident that left him at the edge of death.

"I feel like an idiot in the film. The one who tried with all sorts of meanings was also because it did not happen what happened, "he said unconditionally in an interview given in "Pamela in the afternoon" (América TV). The woman pointed out again against the translator's relatives, "I love you so much," whom she accused of denying the problems that the singer faces.

"The denial mechanism is your world. They say they do not know me, but I talked to them. How to deny what happened to him. Deny, deny, deny … "said Monti, who was in a couple of months ago. In that sense, he discovered some details of what he experienced.

He said Sergio was interned depression and that he did everything possible to help him, though without success. The family never talked to him. Carlos Monti asked him: "Are there exaggerations, many private situations, excesses?" The woman replied: "Everything."

"I tried to help him. He did not have a therapist, he went to one, but he stopped six years and the drug was administered in an unconventional manner"he explained, adding that the musician is being treated independently".

"I know the family hurts, but that's why they were my warnings. And then I started to know everything else that was foreign to me. Predominate excesses. What happened was not an accident. I know how it came to the stage and I regret that nobody could stop it. It is impossible that no one has understood the country in which it is, "the Dennis couple warned.

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