Monday , May 17 2021

See how Lauria Fernandez uses the mobile phone during the ShowMatch without being discovered by Marcelo Tinelli

One of the things that Tinelli clearly emerged in the first programs of ShowMatch This year is that I will not allow anyone to use the mobile phone in the study. That's why every time someone finds someone stuck on the phone, he continues to "seize" him.

From the driver's directive, there are several figures fromDancing that they create linking strategies without being discovered by Marcelo. One of them is Laurita Fernandez, whom we fish in flagrante while using the mobile phone.

What is your technique? The jury of the contest leaves his phone on the table and hears the audio (From Niko Kabre?) He gives them a game, and then leans down while one of his ears is almost attached to the device.


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