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Scrolling for the BMW X1: the first images were filtered

El X1 has become a gateway to a wider range of BMW SUVs – or SAVs (sports activities vehicles), as it is called a brand – with a proposal similar to that of its big brother, X3, but to a lesser extent and price. Sales were accompanied especially in this second generation, but with almost three years on the market, the time of its first update approached.

It is known that the firm in Munich has already worked on facelift, as shown by some images of camouflaged test units that were broadcast on the Internet and on BMW forums, but as often happens in these cases, the leak ended with surprise: at least one or two Chinese websites have released several photos of the updated X1 without any kind of camouflage, which can be displayed during its homologation.

Washing the face is obvious, although it does not change the original SUV design. First, the new chrome kidney grille and much more bulky, as it is implemented in other brand models – without exaggerating the new Series 7 and X7 – stands out. It also redesigned the bumper, which lost the fog lights, and now it has a black mask at the ends and a larger central air inlet that gives a more aggressive image to the front of the vehicle. The headlights also got an update in their interior design, with more direct movements and Led lighting.

There are no significant changes on the sides – except for the new aluminum wheels – or in the rear, where only the interior design of the headlamps is also modified, also from Led and a style similar to that of X2 or X3.

At the moment, there are no filtered photos from the inside, although large modifications are not expected, with the exception of the instrument, which may include a digital display that can be configured by a driver who has already changed the Serie 8 and is known to use it and the new series 1, dividing the UKL platform.

new x1

The mechanically-planned novelty is adding a plug-in hybrid variant-features that are not yet revealed, as well as a sports version-M35-operated by a 2.06 TwinPower Turbo naphtero engine that already uses X2 and will be the Top of the Range 1 range.

The official X1 presentation should appear in the coming months. According to estimates by some European media, the date chosen by BMW will be the Frankfurt fair, which will be held from 12 to 22 September.

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