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"Scaloni can peacefully lead the National Team." – 19.11.2013

In the pre-selection of the second friendly match against Mexico, Claudio Tapia again referred to the continuity of Lionel Skalloni, who, after taking the team, added three wins, one draw and one loss. The president of the Argentine Football Association has repeatedly said that he supports the interim coach, and this time was no exception: "Scaloni, with his technical staff, can peacefully lead the high team. He does it very well ", Chiqui started.

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Equally, beyond his desire, he said that the decision on its continuity will depend on the leadership: "Looking ahead, If the football leadership of Argentina realizes it is best for the national team, they will have a chance. Because he will have it. Today it is very good and nobody can be a denial of reality. It creates a group that has an identity that feels something special about this shirt. I always say, who has passed through his youth, has a special love and additionally wear a national team jersey. "

Funes Mori opened the score

Goal of R. Funes Mori (A). Argentina 1 – Mexico 0. Friendly International 2018 Video: TyC Sports.

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He added: "We must be calm, but no doubt, on November 29, the decision we will make will be delivered and we plan Sub 20 if Scaloni has the opportunity to continue this project from the biggest"

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On the other hand, he returned to call for the departure of Jorge Sampaoli following the removal of the World Cup: "When we met Jorge on the Ezeiza website, we talked and made an estimate of what happened, how we went, what we think alsoor we had our vision of what happened to the call of some players, with specific cases which, as leaders, we did not understand. We asked a few things, and when we talked about L 'Alcúdia, what was Jorge's ability to stay, he himself said: "If I stay, I go and direct it." At that moment, Scaloni was out. Two days later, he tells us that Scaloni goes. "

Brizya puts it against

Objective of I. Breezeela (e / c). Argentina 2 – Mexico 0. International Friendly 2018 Video: TyC Sports.

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