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San Juan: "My father and brother raped me for years and my mother never trusted me," said Anna Paula

San Juan:

"My first kiss was with my dad," convicted the girl who brought the case to court. They are seeking 22 years in prison for a man, 20 for his brother and 12 for his mother, for "facilitating sexual corruption".

Anna Paula was 9 when she began to suffer from her father's cold visits in the middle of the night. He tells ten years later that he has never had a normal childhood, that his life should have been almost daily resisting the abuse and sexual abuse of members of his family and that there are virtually no memories of happy moments. So now he seeks justice. After almost a decade of submission, she realized that it was time to say enough and, along with her boyfriend, on January 26, 2017, appealed against her father, her brother and her mother.

Since then, Chamber I of the San Juan Criminal Chamber has progressed with the case and is currently evaluating members of his family for sexual abuse with corporal access, aggravated by the bond and complicity and corruption of juveniles. This week, he appeared in the courts and as he could link his temptation with the media. "After nine years my father began to abuse me, I had my first kiss with him, I lost my innocence to my brother for 12 years, and every opportunity for loneliness was used by them." At 15, I became pregnant and my mother gave me pills and many things for a break, "he said bravely to the San Juan 8 cameras.

In her modest testimony, she indicated that at the age of seven her parents forced her to cooperate with them. "We made uniforms and shoes. We looked like a normal family, but they were psychopaths." Two years later his father's abuses began. They were first nightly visits while sleeping. She woke up every night with a swing, and then forced her to take oral sex. Anna Paula told her mother what was going on, "but she never believed me."

The woman also did not want to do anything when she had sexual abuse of her husband to his daughter in front of his eyes. Anna Paula recalls that night clearly: she was 13, her mother left and her father took advantage of the situation and fell on it. "He did not hear that Mom came back and when she saw her, he gave me the pressure to sleep. He saw him naked and asked him what he was doing, told him that he was looking for the short one." There you have it, "she pointed out to him. the day the woman asked her daughter what had happened. "I told him before and did not believe me, so I was afraid and I denied it. I thought that if she did not help me again and found out that I told her … Today I do not think I should talk to me, but with him."

Anna Paula still can not understand her mother's attitude and much less her reaction when the cause came to justice: "I really did not think my mother would support them, because the truth is that I loved her and always accompanied her, How much she did everything she did to me, how to give me pills (to stop). I forgave her and gave her the second chance, but she prefers "the love of her life," as she says.

The young woman admitted that she raped her father and her brother three times a week and was 15 at the age of experiencing the most difficult moments: she became pregnant. "When I learned that I told my mother that she started giving me jobs for abortion, she gave me vaginal pills and I had tea with cinnamon every day, but nothing helped because pregnancy was advanced."

"So, I had to tell my father the only thing he told me was that he was lucky because he had money at the time, so he wanted to have an abortion. When we went to the doctor, the doctor refused to practice and they were furious Finally, when I went to make ultrasound, it was known that the baby was dead and I had a curettage. "

To prevent such a thing from happening again, Anna Paula was forced by her mother to take contraceptives and even put a spiral to ensure she did not get pregnant. She said her mother even accused her of provoking her father and brother to be abused.

In the collection, Anna Paula found her savior. His name is Miguel and he's her boyfriend for two years. The time after her acquaintance, the boy became her confidential. "He was a help, a pillar, everything. He always told me that I had to do something because I could not live like that." I told him that I would leave the house when I turned 18, but I thought I could not go. I'm thinking about it and I see that he is right, because if he just left, there would have been no where to go and I would go back to that hell. He helped me, he accompanied me. "

Two years after that morning, when he filed the complaint, the reason is close to defining. Judge Benedicto Korea admitted that the girl did not lie, ordered the three suspects in jail and tried them with pre-trial detention: men (now 50 and 22 years old) for sexual harassment with sexual relations and juvenile corruption. And to her mother, aged 43, to alleviate her own daughter's sexual corruption, as explained in Diario de Cuyo.

Her boyfriend, the girlfriend, the psychologists who interviewed her, the medical history, her admission to the hospital to get a cure, the evidence that she was taken to wear a spiral and other tests, seriously complicates the suspects.

The prosecutor has requested 22 years in prison for his father, 20 for his brother, and 12 for his mother. The defense, in charge of Philomena Noriega, demanded the release of the three defendants, arguing that the young woman wanted to keep a family home and therefore said she was abused.

"I want justice, they (for the defendant) do not deserve to be free. Like them, there are others who seem to be good people, but in reality they are huge, but you do not understand it," insisted Ana Paula hoping once and for all he will leave that nightmare in the past.

"I want to be calm, I want justice to be done, because they are tired of suffering, on living things that I really should not have lived with. Because I did not have childhood and my adolescent is also practical to go and wonder what I enjoyed my life, my past and nothing. "

While waiting for the definition of the trial, the young woman is trying to give the shape of a more harmonious life, although at first her story was not easy to bury: "I always had nightmares, my boy cried and told me everything happened. I went to a psychologist and I set a little ball. I walked with her all the time, a little bit (bad), she left and that made me the strong woman that I feel today. "


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