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Sagittarius – Tuesday, January 1, 2019: your intellect is tougher at the beginning of the year

Astrological news: The moon is in Scorpio at the beginning of 2019, whose numerical vibration is the third year. All planets are direct, with the exception of Uranus that continues retrograde. An important transit of Mars from Aries begins. Your ruler, planet Jupiter, continues into a direct Sagittarius.

This Tuesday under the Efluvy of Mars transit by a fire element at the beginning of the year you will discover something fascinating in your partner that will cause you great joy and inspiration in your love life, and you can get news from someone absent.

You will be surprised by the way a person you consider your friend reacts to a naive comment on your part. If so, do not insist, do not fight and simply teach the lesson and it is not wise to do the same mistake twice. Keep your diplomacy, your social touch.

Forecasts from January 2019 for all signs


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You begin a period of joy in your emotional life, because you little by little renew the confidence that you lost in a person who once deceived you, but who now sincerely regrets. It's a new year, a time of renewal, intensive living!

Because of the current lunar transit, your bronchi are very sensitized and you must take the necessary precautions to avoid stagnation caused by sudden changes in temperature or persistence in places where there are irritating substances.

A meeting or meeting with an advisor or a person related to your work will be very fruitful because it will suddenly open the doors and paths to overcome what has been paralyzed in your work and give you new perspectives.

Our federal angels in 2019


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Money and wealth
Your working capacity is high and your physical resistance also. You can successfully face any task that comes in your way and perfectly perform them. Your prudence will be rewarded with money and changing your economic situation.

Astral Biorhythms Today
Level of sexual energy this Tuesday: moderate.
Cosmic dynamics you need to use: the enthusiastic wave that surrounds you at these moments.
Today's dangerous trend in the Sagittarius's mark is a dangerous trend: believe in everything they say without confirming the source of the rumors.
What should I avoid: completing a relationship with gossip.

Predicting a couple for today on Tuesday
The best relationship today: this Tuesday things will go very well for you if your partner is a fire sign like yours. It can have good compatibility with Capricorn, even if it is on land.
The most tense relationship: confrontations can occur with signs of water, such as Pisces and Cancer.
Your current compatibility: it's good at all, but with some obstacles in watermarks.
If you are alone or single: you are starting the year with great intuitive clarity that will help you to distinguish between good sense of friendship and other love.


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