Monday , August 2 2021

Sabrina Royas set his first Instagram storie after the scandal

After the mysterious hacking of Instagram's accounts of Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro, the model was encouraged to use this social network.

The couple currently enjoys their holidays in Mar del Plata with their children after controversy. A few days ago, a strong message on Instagram's account at Sabrina Rojas Unwanted care. In addition, there were crisis versions with her husband, Luciano Castro.

"I will finally get rid of it, I'll take off the mask, I'll respect you for a long time, I cried and shut up." "I'm sorry for everything that will happen next, not for you, but for all people who really love you and for those who believe that you are a great person, especially the three who "admire." But psychopath, violence, drug addicts and I can go on, someone must stop, "can be read for two hours in the Sabrina social network, while a mysterious conversation with a woman appeared in Luciano.

Of course, Sabrina Rojas found that they hacked Instagram accounts. However, Castro has decided to eliminate his account due to the scandal. Despite the explanation of the actress, the rumors of the crisis followed.

However, just a few hours ago, Sabrina Rojas He set up the Instagram story where you can see his two children with toys in their own hands, and Luciano Castro appears in the background.

In an interview with Gente magazine, Royce added: "Unfortunately, I do not doubt anyone, I have no more say. I have already made it clear to Instagram, I found it in the most practical way, it's a way to talk to all the media because I have good and so do not give notes one at a time, because it will be exhausting. We are on vacation. "

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