Sunday , April 18 2021

Rugerie also renewed the doping controversy in Maradona since 1994: Diego's crying and how he told the news

"We were champions, we defeated everyone. We have no evidence, but we forget: they betrayed him" Oscar Ruegeri Repeat that phrase over and over again as a motto. He is convinced. The passing of the years did not undermine the idea that behind the doping of Diego Maradona in 1994 there was something strange. Abel Balbo's statements over the last few hours have brought the subject back to the center of the scene and "Cabazon" linked some details of the situation.

The historic defender, world champion in 1986, said that the then AFA president, Julio Grodona, was "an accomplice" about what had happened and expressed how they lived in. "We talked there internally in the group and with Diego (a Gordon object) . Because while Diego was not there, we were every night in his room. I cried every night, every day; and we were all together. The group changed, it was sad. We were sad because they took us to a fundamental man, our captain. "

In the program 90 minutes which was issued by Fox Sports, Roughery recalls hearing the news: "That day we will train and I will see Diego sitting on a stick on a bow lonely. Rarely. I'm going, I'm sitting there with him and I asked him what's wrong. He told me: "I'm in the oven, they took me away from the World Cup." I asked him why: "Now they will break the news, you will see. There are journalists, now Gordon is coming, and he will talk to you. I am out, they take me". So I found out, although there are already some comments. "

When it became known what had happened, the group "got out of control," according to the leader of that school: "We do not even know when to eat." That day Grodona leaves and tells us that it is Maradona. I think it was the night before the game; we were supposed to sleep for 5 or 6 in the morning. We were in the room with him. "

Rugers refers to the hours leading up to the match on June 30, 1994, which ended with a loss of 2: 0 to Bulgaria on the closing date of the group stage. The days later Romania will come in the 16th round and elimination 3-2. "It was the first and only time in history that they grabbed by hand and on the ground. We went to the dressing room and came to Moshela (member of the National Teams Department) and told you "I got a doping". You calmly did things, and then you went. Do you know what doping happened to Diego? I went almost every game. We all had control before the start of the World Cup, "he said.

In her long story, Roughery did not hesitate to return to the conspiracy theory that weighed for more than two decades:I do not know what will correct them, but they have taken their lives because we had a really good choice. Diego was like at 86, in practice it was impossible to touch the ball. It was a shame, but there is always politics in the middle"

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