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Rosario Altgelt Receives "Recognition of Excellent Women in the Field of Business 2018" • EconoJournal

Director of LATAM Argentina Rosario Altgtelt today received the "Award for the outstanding woman in the business scope 2018", which makes for the second time in the country head of women's corporate executives (WCD), sponsored by KPMG, which is the global lead sponsor . The recognition, which consisted of a statuette, was handed over by Nestor Garcia, the Executive Managing Partner of KPMG in Argentina. "It is pride, honor and mimic of the soul to get this recognition. I love what I do, but it also does not come only to these places, but because there is a team that accompanies him at different stages of his career. I dedicate it to an amazing team that I have in LATAM, "said Algelt.

Rosario Altgelt holds a Bachelor of Economics from Buenos Aires University and an UCEMA Master's Degree in Economics. He has a history of 19 years in the companies of the LATAM Group, who perform various functions in Argentina, the United States and Chile. It has a fundamental role in the country's integration process between the LAN and TAM, and in defining a common commercial strategy aimed at harnessing the synergies generated by the partnership, becoming a key element for the company's development and commercial expansion. Hold it

Rosario Algelt with WCD recognition

In December 2015, she was appointed general director of LATAM Airlines Argentina, also taking over the leadership of the Paraguay subsidiary. The Argentina Business Development Institute (IDEA) has appointed President of the 54th Annual Colloquium, which was held last October in Mart del Plata. As the executive director of LATAM Argentina, in October she signed the Principles for Strengthening Women's 2018 (WEP) Women of the United Nations, an entity of the United Nations Organization aimed at promoting women's empowerment and gender equality. She is 43, married and has three children.

Gabriela Terminelli, the director of BYMA and co-chair of WCD Argentina, was in charge of publishing the award. She explained the criteria that were taken into consideration for the nomination of candidates. These are: to be an executive director, owner, president or director of an Argentine or multinational company: to promote the native diversity in the business world; and that his career in the business world inspires the business community. The jury was composed of Miguel Gutierrez, chairman of the YPF Board; Federico Procaccini, CEO of Openbank Argentina; Nestor Garcia, Executive Managing Partner KPMG; Marcelo Grimaldi, leader of the Argentine office, Egon Zehnder; Tamara Vinnicky, Partner KPMG Co-Chair of VCD; Gabriela Terminelli, director of BEMA co-chairing VCD; and Gabriela Makanyi, director of Grupo Adventile, co-chair of WCD. Similarly, WCD gave a special mention to Maria Tettamanti, director of Camuzzi Gas Pampeana; and Gabriela Renodo, Argentina's general manager and CONO SOUR from VISA.

At the event

Prior to the award ceremony, the event began with welcoming words from Miguel Gutierrez in front of an audience of more than 200 company representatives. He emphasized the work that WCD works on diversity, confirming that "the gender equality initiative has grown much in the past year and I think the whole WCD team has done a lot for this reason." Also, the G-20 dynamics has triggered a number of initiatives that enabled us to we are focusing on diversity, gender equality, the change of our companies to get in the way that is necessary to achieve this. This is happening at all levels of our companies.

It is therefore important that our directories continue to work on continuing to incorporate more women. YPF is on that road and it is important to give a new impetus to that direction. We all need to do, through organizations like WCD, to follow that course as a country, "he said.

From left to right: Federico Procacini, Gabriela Macanyi, Marcelo Grymoldi, Rosario Altgelt, Miguel Gutierrez, Nestor Garcia, Gabriela Terminelli and Tamara Vinicki.

Tamara Vinnicz, KPMG partner, opened the meeting, noting that "in KPMG we are convinced of the contribution created by the diversity policies of organizations and, essentially, to directories. Therefore, we are conducting a study with the Mercado magazine for the 500 companies with the highest turnover in Argentina, of which only 8.4% of board members seem to be women, the 500 companies, 370 women's directors, and only 12 have a female president, these figures speak for themselves.

In WCD Argentina we work on creating visionary and diverse directories, based on the application of best practices for corporate governance. This year we participated in the ring-ringing organization, we were network partners B20, we doubled our members, we were pleased that in the global event that is held every year in New York, in such a short time we are differentiated as one of the five most developed chapters in the world in the last year ".

Moderator of Anabel Perrone, director of the YPF Foundation, then the panel "First Person Executive Directors" was developed, comprised of Marina Franca, MAE Executive Director (Mercado Abierto Electrónico); Gabriela Renodo, Argentina's General Manager and Cono Sur of VISA; and Rosario Altgelt, executive director of LATAM Airlines Argentina. Asked about the main challenges they have as their company leaders, Gabriela Renodo said that "no doubt the economic and political context is very important especially for an international company that needs to explain what is happening in the country.

I am in a very dynamic industry that in recent years has changed what it has not done in the last 10 years. So, too, I have a lot of my focus to constantly see how the business fits into the new market dynamics and I'm particularly worried about new players that are inevitable and constantly appearing. I also pay much attention to a very wanted customer. And, of course, I have the challenge with the working team, how to keep them or catch talents, how to make changes. "

For his part, Rosario Altgelt said that "the big challenge lies in the transformation of the aviation industry, as it happens with many other industries in the country, because it is a cultural issue. I think that from our leadership we can change the cultures of our organizations and there every day I have a focus in a very underdeveloped sector, there are three times more people in the country than today. I believe that the transformation will take away perhaps a decade and it is therefore important to define each step and to measure these crises eriumi for success. My challenge today is placed in the cultural transformation of my organization, so that it would allow him to occupy space as that Latham has in other countries in the region. "

According to Marina Franca, there are three things that keep her cautiously. "One is the talent, the team and my success as the company's CEO depends on my people, because if my people succeed, I will be. And, of course, this also includes the issue of diversity. The second question is to increase in value , which I can bring to my clients and shareholders, and the third point is to maintain sustainable growth in a market that, as an Argentine financier, depends heavily on the social humor given by the political and economic context. and adjustable to the surrounding s to not depend so much on the context, is something that wakes me in my role. "

In response to Perron's question about the representativeness of women in their organizations, Marina Franca confirmed that "it's work in construction. The financial industry is of a male nature and women must be given the opportunity to bring their feminine qualities to the boards, because that's what brings us. We give space in the MAE and in its directory of diversity. " In this topic, Rosario Altgelt said that in LATAM Argentina there are about 2,300 people and that half are women. "At command level, the percentage of excellent women who lead the traffic operation is maintained, and when it increases in the structure, then the representation falls to 30%. I agree that it is a job to open new spaces and that the difference is that everyone wears and contributes what it is. We have three women in my team, but there are men over 60, including one who was a pilot in Malvinas. "

Finally, Gabriela Renudo explained that in VISA there are also half of women and men, and that this percentage is decreasing as it increases in the business structure. "On the board of Latin America, we are fifty and fifty, and that's very good." Variety is part of our goals. "Yes, I am worried that there is always at least one woman in a short list of finalists for a working position, then I will choose skills, because you do not have to choose for the fact that you are a woman. It's hard because it's not easy to get married in leadership positions. "

Asked about how they became number one of their companies, Rosario Altgelt said: "I do not think I got anywhere, the road is over, I do not think that's the goal I have achieved, I continue to go and I do not know the challenges that will arise. I do not live as a target. I am always encouraged to accept opportunities, and sometimes I have looked after them, everything is a path that opens the doors and reaches places I never imagined. " In this regard, Marina Franz added that according to the Forbes magazine study, 75% of respondents said that their goal was not to be the executive director. In fact, I was CEOs in each of the attitudes I had to occupy, I did what I had to do, and the first place was the interest of my company and my team. It came out naturally. being number one is the path that continues. I keep learning every day. " Gabriela Renau agreed with this definition that she does not plan to be the executive director of her company. "I always did it with the same passion. I think they found more than the outside that I had the potential to arrive as when I learned that there was a position for the Executive Director of VISA, and that was my husband who encouraged me and thrilled me to introduce myself. the course of the race should teach you to listen to advice and ask for opinions.This is a continuous road and you need to constantly ask yourself what to do to improve and arrive.To not panificate to become an executive director, but always led in a position where I had to I will.

Finally, the panel discussed the importance of the visibility of women in these positions. For Rosario Altgelt, IEDA chairman, the colloquium was a great decision I took to expose myself. "I did it because IDEA is an organization that allowed me to have the absolute freedom to do what I want. And in the team we compiled, we worked hard on our convictions and what we can say and contribute." Then the idea of the strength that says I am and now is. When you find suitable spaces to expose, it's worth doing, and then it starts pouring into places you can not imagine. "Alongside the same line, Gabriela Renown noted that as leaders "we have to work hard at the exhibition and important It's about putting on networking as a professional and we have the responsibility as CEO of a company to look for this exhibition with relevance. Men do it very well and we have to learn. WCD is a good place to do that, "he concluded .

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