Saturday , June 12 2021

Romina Pereiro discovers how at the moment Jorge Rial offered a marriage

Jorge Real and Romina Pereiro They started their romance about a year and a half ago, but the co-existence between them is so great that they have already taken some important steps in the relationship. They moved together and joined their families: Rocco (daughter of the driver of the intruders), Emma and Violetta (daughters of nutritionist) live under one roof; you already have family pets; and they are engaged!

Romina I was talking about that happy moment in a note for Pamela in the afternoon. "The proposal came, so good, I'm happy, it was a surprise, because I did not know, I had movements, I knew they were planning something, but I did not know what would be at Christmas after eating. (Real), and they said to me: Well, we want to talk about the whole family, and the proposal came, all together, so it was very nice, "he explained..

On the question of your reaction, television host He said: "It was a surprise, a feeling, I did not have enough eyes to see Jorge, the girls, Rocco, my mother, my sister … Everyone with watery eyes was very nice." Then they asked him what he thought it was necessary for the journalist to ask him to marry, when he did not do it with other couples. "First, because it has a lot of love, it is the basis and therefore it builds love, trust, commitment to the other," he replied.

He always accompanies me, gathers me, he contains me. It gave me the opportunity to believe again in a family. When separated, with boys, she stands for half disbelief. But he made me believe in love, in the couple, in coexistence and in the family question. Since this does not happen by signing a paper, if not with a family covenant and celebrating with loved ones ", cerr Pereiro.

Recall that Rial in his program, before that, gave wonderful news of his dedication and details of the wonderful moment. The unions that I chose. In my covenant is her name, and in her My name. It's white gold, very simple. I have already gone through that phase and it is calm, so we did not make any madness or cover magazines (). We all finished eating, I asked everyone to join us and I opened a special champagne. Ah, I'm looking for your hand with my daughters. Well, Morena is in Crdoba, but with Rocco, Violetta and Emma. Romina did not know anything, the presenter continued.

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