Wednesday , May 12 2021

Robot psychologist? They create a bust with human qualities to tell people about problems

However, precisely because it is not human and, therefore, he has no prejudice, the Swedish robot can encourage people to be more honest, according to its creator, which makes it useful in situations where people often lie, for example, during medical examinations.

"We have seen a study that shows that in certain situations people feel more comfortable opening up and talking about tough robotic problems than with man"said Sameer Al Moubayed, CEO of Furhat Robotics. This is because the personality of a robot can reflect the personality of the person who communicates with it, and also because people do not feel evaluated, he added.

The robot was used at the Frankfurt airport as a polyglot concierge, helping passengers find the way, and also for training for customer service, for example, by simulating irritated buyers.

Scientific and technological firm Merck and Furhat Robotics presented a robot in Stockholm to ask people about their health and life and assess the risks of diabetes, alcoholism and hypothyroidism. If necessary, the robot will recommend that you have a blood test or go to a doctor. "Every robot needs a different person depending on the job it will do," said Moubayed. Furhat can be male or female, old or small, funny or serious.

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