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Riots are growing among health personnel

Various unions and entities uniting healthcare workers in Cорrdoba have decided on an action plan to call for a “state of emergency” in the public and private sectors. The protest schedule will end on November 10.

In a publicly released document, the groups warn of the exhaustion of health care personnel, the rise in infections – some of which have ended in death – and concerns about new openings decided by the provincial government.

“We look with great concern at the epidemiological situation and the provincial policies that favor the spread of infections. “We also note that the authorities are not taking effective measures to care for Cordobans’ health or health care workers,” said a statement signed by 11 organizations, including the Union of Health Care Workers (UTS). the Association of Civil Servants (ATE), self-appointed physicians, the Federation of Medical Specialties and the College, which brings together bio-imaging specialists.

Last Friday, he completed the virtual round of meetings between the unions and the subjects of the graduates from the health sector by defining joint activities (although with different modalities). The protest plan will begin this Thursday with a day of mourning at the provincial hospitals to pay their respects to the dead police officers. Will will continue on the 4th of next month with a day of protests with the modality decided by each union or professional entity.

For November 10, the agenda includes a strike by all hospital workers and an increased caravan of cars traveling the streets of the city, with replicas in other parts of the interior of Cordoba.

“This movement is unprecedented and will be strong. For the first time, the claim is unified between organizations, despite the differences that divide us. “We are concerned that a few activities that were restricted will continue to be made more flexible, as that means more infections and more deaths,” said Gaston Vaciani, a UTS spokesman.

Yesterday, the Federation of Professional University Students of C Кrdoba (Fepuz) sent a note to Governor Juan Siaretti and to the Minister of Health, Diego Cardozo. He did so at the request of the 15 professional associations whose registered workers work in healthcare, nuclear in the entity. In the letter, he reiterated “once again to the provincial government, and in line with the trade union and trade union sector, his concern for the condition of the health teams” (see Feputz seeking answers …).

Norma Oliva, president of the Cordoba Nurses Association, pointed out that, despite being graduates, nurses are not categorized as professionals in provincial law 7,625, but as technicians. That low wages lead to moonlight. But he clarified that these agents could not go on strike because it would be leaving the patients. What they can do is support the measures of those who are on vacation, at liberty or working in another shift.

For his part, the president of the Medical Council of Cordoba, Andres de Leon, explained that the entity provides support to professionals “who are going through a difficult situation, both in terms of working conditions and fees.” He added that the subject had sent a letter to Governor Siareti asking for it.

As of last Friday, the council had identified 820 infected doctors (60 more than the previous week) and three more deaths (now added to 14): Dean Funes’ bodyguard, a doctor from Pami, Cordoba, and an ophthalmologist from Villa Maria.

De Leon reported that a 45-year-old infectious disease specialist from a hospital in Miserikordia also died of a stroke. “Although his death is not directly related to the coronavirus, it is a sign of the great stress that our professionals are going through,” said the head of the Medical Council.

The voice Yesterday he tried to consult with the provincial Ministry of Health about the inconvenience expressed by the unions and professional entities, but it was not possible to get an answer.

The mayor had to be an ambulance driver

Christian Guiano, head of the Arroyo Algodon community, led the unit to refer a patient.

Christian Gianno, mayor of Arroyo Algodon, became an ambulance driver out of necessity to be able to refer a patient from that city to Pasteur Hospital in Villa Maria because of Covid-19. It happened last week, and the mayor posted it on his Facebook profile. “I have doctors and professionals who are isolated from different circumstances, from close contacts or in a preventive way, so I had to drive an ambulance,” Guiano said of the episode.


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