Tuesday , May 18 2021

Riel's spicy political message for the cry of Macri

The driver launched a strong message from social networks and was directed against the entire ruling class.

December 1, 2018

Journalist Jorge Rial questioned President Maurizio Macri's exclamation during the gala triumph and wrote a tough comment against politicians, none of whom was rescued.

After the presentation of Argentum, which was presented at Teatro Colon before the world leaders who took part in the G20, Mauricio Macrie was excited and crying in the middle of the gala, but many believe that they are "tears of crocodile".


One of them was Real, who posted a very difficult comment on his Twitter account. "It's never too late for tears or politically to take advantage of misfortunes or emotions to reign in power, Menem did it, CFK did it and Mauricio Makri does it now, during re-election." Said he.

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