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Ricardo Darren's indignation: "It's a backpack I can't take anymore …"

The actor was very honest and talked about the bad weather. Find out

Ricardo Darn is in a great professional moment. This week his new film, "The Iron Odyssey", starring him, his son, Veronica Lillins and Louis Brandon, is released. Despite that situation, the most famous actor in the country He has been embroiled in a heated controversy that still reverberates in the media and continues to cause trouble.

As part of the film 's premiere before the press, the interpreter was intercepted by Cameron' s cameras Intruders who didn't miss the moment and inquired about the spicy issue: the cancellations of Valeria Bertucci and Irika Rivas for alleged abuse. "It's a backpack I can't take out anymore," he admitted Ricardo at the start

You ask me in a context that has absolutely nothing
With the subject matter. I understand, but that means it always will be
pass, "he later analyzed. Then he said: "Still be sure of what
what you did, who you are and how you handle yourself, you made a backpack
because basically you think it's not deserved. "

“I didn't talk to them. I am very friendly with all the opportunities that must be given and gained in life, "he concluded. talented and renowned artistimplying that he is ready to talk to Bertucci and Rivas. It should be noted that, following the outcome of the STEP, his name went viral and his analysis of the election repeated to the media.

As El Intransigent previously commented, Darin spoke to the radial cycle Mining which leaves by 1300 and said: “We were surprised by all the percentages. Little did he predict what would happen. The 15 points difference were intense and scandalous. But democracy is like that. He expresses himself and is sovereign. It is he who decides. "

“It's there
where all the speculation ends, the ones looking for the ones, the ones that are
They take their sacrifices It all ends here: the moment people go and express themselves
your voice, ”he concluded. "It is probably one of the criticisms that can be addressed
Christina Kirchner's second term when she won 54 percent was he
It was an ideal time to sit at the table and say: qué What are we doing?
How do we go forward? "" Think he.

the national consensus among all the forces would be excellent, "he continued. “We
at some point we will have to seek consensus, because countries that
They prosper, they do. They determine 10 or 15 basic points per level
Specify so that it never goes back. Roof, education,
Work, public health. Those are the things we all look forward to
it happened because this was a land of excellence in that respect, "he closed.

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