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Reverend: Tiger Woods, teacher

They passed 11 years since his last major victory. It was in US Open 2008, in Tori Pines. It's 14 years since his last triumph at Augusta in 2005. A few hours ago, Tiger Woods Became a champion of Masters, made history and will wear his fifth green jacket. This adds to the 15 major tournaments exhibited by Tiger in his exhibition. And this achievement can be one of the greatest returns in the history of world sport.

The tiger had not only had to strengthen his game, he also had to strengthen his body in a bad state. He had to strengthen his relationship with the public, the press and his fellow players. In summary, he had to supply his entire life by putting pieces together.

Obviously, Tiger Woods is someone beautifully gifted by nature. Not only physical, which is obvious, but also because of his character. Who knows what will be events that marked his upbringing during his childhood. The truth is that demonstrated remarkable elasticity to overcome the catastrophe.

This is the first time Tiger won by the major coming from behind, he always reached the last lap as a leader. Another curiosity is that in his last victory in Augusta in 2005, was on the 16th hole where his triumph was consolidated.

From Golgotha ​​to Glory

It all started in June 2008, when he played with a knee injury at the US Open and where he won the tie against Rocco mediated After the triumph he was subjected to surgery on the rigid ligament of the left knee.

Eight months later, the time that brought the recovery, reappears in the defeat circuit in World game and at the end of February began the media quarry, in which the extramarital relations he had and caused by the millionaire divorce with his wife came to light Ellen Nordenen.

This scandal cost the presence of several sponsors and he was forced to withdraw from the sport. In May 2011 He reappeared, but at the moment when he faced Open Open, he resigned due to problems in his knee and Achilles tendon. By then he had lost his first place, for which he retained 281 consecutive weeks.

Four months after his departure due to a new injury, the golf player remained outside TOP 50 for the first time since 1996 and two years later, after winning some tournaments, it was again number 1.

The following years were a difficult trial for the athlete, affected by back pain and his subsequent operation April 2014when you lose your first Masters.

Debacle. In 2017 he had to be hospitalized for his addiction to pain and sleeping medication. | AP

In September and October 2015 He went through the operating room for the same reasons by the end of the day 2016 returned to compete after 15 months in World hero challenge. A return that was to be shortened 2017, a year in which he returned to suffer from back pain, which forced him to return to the operating room for the fourth time.

In May 2017 Tiger Woods was again involved in a media scandal to be arrested by police, who found him asleep at the wheel. The American admitted that he spent strong painkillers and sleeping medication, and a month later announced that he would take part in rehabilitation to fight his addiction to this type of medication. That year was one of the worst for a golf player in November it fell to 1199 of the world rankings. The number that took several actions in 2018 (Augusta, the British Open and the Ryder Cup) to return to be in a suitable place to fight for the lost position.

Finally, this April 14, Tiger Woods flashed again, taking off his fifth green jacket and his fifteenth title in Grand Slam after 11 years of drought in major tournaments.

Already with his fifteen Grand Slam title in his record, Woods remembers that there is still time to try to match record 18 in the power of the legendary Jack Nicklaus. "I did not think that the second (but) my sport is different, I can still play a long time," he concluded with a smile.

Twenty-two years after his first "big" in National Golf Club Augusta, Woods was once again a "teacher". His triumph inside Masters 2019 Already seen as one of the great milestones in the history of golf and sports.

Trump will decorate it

The President of United States, Donald Trump, announced via his Twitter account that he will give it presidential medal for golf freedom Tiger Woods, who won the Masters at Augusta on Sunday. "I was talking to @TigerWoods to congratulate him on the great victory he had at @TheMasters and to inform him that due to his incredible success and return to golf and, most importantly, in his life, I will present him the Presidential Freedom Medal! "

IOC invites to Tokyo

The President of International Olympic Committee, German Thomas Bach, encouraged the champion of Augusta's masters, US Tiger Woods, to compete in the 2020 golf tournament in Tokyo, where he "wants" to see him. "Congratulations, @ TigerWoods, what a return! We are now focusing on the qualifications for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I look forward to seeing you there," says Bach's message to the IOC Twitter account.

90 thousand dollars butter

The collector won the auction to download the Woods 2000 support. Scott Cameron Newport II GSS was sold one day before Tiger to win the 15th place. large from $ 88,809.60. This is not the famous tobacco that Woods used to win 14 major championships, and it still uses Woods and is used in Masters this year. While your current faucet is invaluable to your user, it may be worth millions if you ever get to the market.

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